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5 Interesting Facts About Corrie Bird (UPDATED 2022)

Larry Bird’s daughter, Corrie Bird, is the most well-known member of her family. Janet Condra, the mother of Larry and Corrie Bird, married Larry’s father while they were both just teenagers in 1976. Soon after, they had a baby girl named Corrie, who was born on August 14th, 1977. Corrie’s parents had already divorced by the time she was born, having only been married for a year and a half.

5 Interesting Facts About Corrie Bird

Corrie was raised in a single-parent family until her mother remarried after her parents divorced. Larry refused to assume any parental responsibilities before Janet gave birth to their child, despite her claims that they had sired together. Janet tried to persuade him to provide money for upkeep, but he fiercely rejected it.

As a result, the court-mandated a paternity test, the results of which confirmed his paternity. What do you know about this celebrity daughter? Here are a few interesting facts.

1. Corrie Bird is Married to Trent Theopolis Batson

Corrie’s parents had a troubled marriage, but it didn’t stop her from pursuing a relationship of her own. Corrie married Trent Theopolis Batson, her longtime lover, on May 17th, 2008, and took his last name as her own. At the Rose Hulman Institute of Technology, they had their wedding ceremony in a white chapel that was adorned with chandeliers.

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They don’t use social media and don’t do interviews very often. Before meeting Corrie, Trent was married. Their 12-year relationship is still going strong now.

2. Corrie Adopted Kids From Her Husband’s Previous Union

Before meeting Corrie, Trent Baton was married. Santana and Christian were born in his previous marriage. Violet Marie Batson was born on June 18, 2012, at Indiana University Hospital, the first child for Trent and Corrie Batson.

Sebastian Grey Smith was born to Corrie and Trent on April 20, 2017, five years after their first son was born. His first two children have been placed in Trent’s custody, giving them a family of six.

3. Her Parent’s Relationship Was Strained

Larry Bird met his high school love Janet Condra while attending Spring Valley High School. His college basketball scholarship at Indiana State University was the catalyst for their marriage. Larry’s parents divorced about that time, and his father left his mother to raise their six children on her own, resulting in financial problems.

Corrie Bird
Corrie Bird

Claude Joseph, Larry’s Korean War veteran father, took his own life not long after. Larry, who was expecting a baby with his wife, Janet, was saddened by his death. When Larry and his wife’s marriage began to falter, he filed for divorce and then dumped his pregnant wife. Aside from his basketball career, Larry claimed he only wanted to concentrate on his studies.

He was able to achieve his goal until he was compelled by the courts to accept his role as a father. As a result, Corrie went public with her desire for a connection with him. Corrie is mentioned in Larry Bird’s autobiography, which was published after his retirement. Due to their disputes with his ex-wife Janet, he claims he never pursued a connection with her.

4. Corrie Had an Interview With Oprah Winfrey

Oprah Winfrey invited Corrie Bird to appear on her show when she was just 17 years old. They discussed her connection with her father, which was strained at the time. He had never acknowledged her existence or tried to have a relationship with Corrie, but she made it apparent that she had always wanted him to.

All of her attempts, including letters and priority mail sent report cards, had been in vain; he never responded. She would occasionally persuade her mother to accompany her to one of her father’s sporting events so that she may catch a peek at him.

Is there a basketball player in the Bird family? Yes. She was a standout basketball player in high school, but she chose not to pursue the sport professionally.

5. Corrie Bird Has a Good Relationship With Her Siblings

Dinah Mattingly, Larry’s longtime love, proposed to him a second time in 1989. Mariah Bird and Connor Bird are the names of the two children they adopted as a family. When it comes to her brother, Mariah has managed to keep her out of the public glare. He has been accused of anything from attempting to run someone over with his car to consuming alcohol while intoxicated while underage.

However, Corrie and her half-siblings enjoy a warm and loving relationship. Corrie Bird, Larry Bird’s daughter, has led a full and fulfilling life, including a growing family and a successful managerial profession. Despite this, she was able to have a decent relationship with her father despite him rejecting her a few times.

Corrie Bird Net Worth

Corrie’s net worth hasn’t been published because she’s stayed out of the public eye. While it’s unclear how much money her father is worth, it’s safe to say he’s a multimillionaire. However, we may presume that she and her families are content and content at present.

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