Who Was Andre The Giant wife? Know About Her Age, Bio, Career, Relationship And Much More


andre the giant wife: Giants have always made their name in history, from Robert Wadlow(who was 8 feet 11 inches tall) to shake, all have a special place amongst the men. Today we will be talking of one such man, whose height has outlived his lifetime.

People still talk of Andre the giant Wife, his larger-than-life personality, and all other traits which made him one of the most celebrities of all time. 

Andre the giant was a wrestler, in WWE, and was married to Jean Christensen, who was a PR for wrestling. We have collected some interesting facts about the couple, so buckle up and enjoy our literary ride. 


Andre Rene Rousimoff was born in 1946 in Coulommiers, Seine-et-Marne, France. He was a wrestler and actor, and he joined WWE in 1982. He is also known as ‘Andre the giant’. Andre suffered from this rare condition of Gigantism, which happens due to excessive release of a hormone, acromegaly, which is responsible for the growth of humans. 

Since Jean was the PR of wrestling, and Andre the star of wrestling, they were bound to meet each other. Andre first met Jean in 1974, and she was doing her PR for wrestling. Andre, in his time, was no less than a wonder in himself.

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Andre was born in France and was famous from his childhood. He is also the first person to be included in the WWE hall of fame. Andre also had an acting career, and he played the role of Fezzik, the giant, in the film ‘The princess Bride’.

The wrestler was highly important to the owner of WWE, Vince, who made him fight in Japanese pro wrestling. Andre has various nemeses over his career, like Killer Khan or the Mongolian Giant, Big John Studd, and Hulk Hogan. is Andre the giant wife a Wrestler

Who Was Andre The Giant Wife?

andre the giant wife: It was difficult for Andre to find a match for himself, given his size. It was only in 1974 when Andre got lucky, and he found Jean Christensen.


They found solace and a perfect partner in each other and got married. Jean and Andre never married on record, and that is, they did not get their marriage registered. Andre first met Jean during her work as PR for wrestling. Andre and Jean have a daughter named Robin Christensen, who just like her father, is a wrestler. Andre the giant wife IS Also A Wrestler

Christensen however, never interacted much with her father, and she only saw her father a handful of times. Several articles and reports came in the media regarding the absence of Andre from her daughter’s life. Christensen being the daughter of Andre received a lot of limelight, but she never felt comfortable talking about her father. 

Jean Christensen Biography

Jean was a model during the 1970s, and she eventually made her way into the Public relations department of wrestling. Jean became pregnant with their child of Andre, it was a matter of disbelief for Andre, and he did not believe it at first. Andre did not accept her daughter with Jean, and he was later sued for maintenance by Jean.


The blood test was a perfect match. Andre got directions from the court to pay $750. Jean was always in news because of Andre, Jean was an American and was of white ethnicity. Jean was a reserved person and did not believe in sharing details of her personal life. 

Jean was a fan of the entertainment industry, as she once belonged there. Oprah Winfrey was her favorite actor, and she loved seafood. As said above, jean was a reserved woman and always was cautious that her details don’t reach the public sphere.

We do not know her educational qualifications, including the name of the school she went to, the name of the college she graduated from, or whether she did graduate at all. Information about it is that she was a model in her early life, and she could succeed as a model. 

Jean was a very beautiful woman, and she had an impressive build. She was six feet and five inches tall and had a charm in her appearance. She had brown eyes and brown hair and was stunning in her youth and even in her later years. The relationship between Andre and Jean is a mystery as not many details are available about their personal life.

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However, the strained relationship between Andre with her daughter is known to all, after the pregnancy, the relationship both went south. The relationship between the couple was never good, except for the initial years. Rumor has it that Andre engaged with other women, which strained their relationship. 

Andre died in his sleep in 1993 due to heart failure, and Jean came to know of his death a month later. Jean lived her later years with her daughter and died in 2008.

Their daughter survives them and carries forward the wrestling legacy of her parents. We are trying to get some more updates on Jean and her life and will update here as soon as we get ahold of it. So, keep checking this space for all the updates and other details regarding jean Christensen, Andre the giant wife.

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