Hang Mioku: The Lady Who Spoilt Her Own Face 2022


Hang Mioku Plastic Surgery Afterlife, Her Near-Death Surgery Obsession, And Photos Before And After The Plastic Surgery Are All Here For You To See. When it comes to their appearance, today’s people are striving to achieve perfection. Plastic surgery is most popular among celebrities and models who are self-conscious about their appearance and seek it as a way to improve it.

Korean model Hang Mioku, on the other hand, was so obsessed with plastic surgery that she ended up with a completely damaged face. Hang Mioku’s age, her history of plastic surgery addictions, her before and after photos, and her current activities are all included in the following infographic.

Hang Mioku Bio

Hang Mioku, who was born on July 8, 1963, is a former Korean model and singer who grew fascinated with plastic surgery to the point where she injected cooking oil on her face in an attempt to look more attractive. It was only a matter of time before even her parents could no longer recognize her.

It is difficult for Mioku, who was once a highly praised figure in the Korean entertainment industry because of her modeling and singing abilities, to fit in with the current world after she ruined her face.

Mioku Became Addicted To Plastic Surgery

According to her earlier photos, Mioku had a radiant smile and brilliant eyes, as well as perfect skin. Then she became fixated on the concept of increasing her innate attractiveness, and all of that changed. When she was 28 years old, she had her first plastic surgery, and she was pleased with the results.

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That fueled her desire for more procedures, and she had the surgery performed on her face several more times as a result. As a result of his obsession, he sought out additional procedures to achieve a more flawless complexion and appear more attractive. They objected to her because of the severe risk that continued plastic surgery poses. The physicians refused to do any further surgery on her, claiming that her face would become even more subjugated if she received another silicone injection.

Hang Mioku

Mioku, on the other hand, was adamant in her refusal to accept the advice of the doctors. Because of this, she began practicing plastic surgery on herself. She began by injecting a vial of silicone from the market into her face. She opted to use cooking oil instead of silicone because it was less expensive. And that was a decision that ruined her life in the worst way possible.

Due to the cooking oil failing to assist the plastic surgery procedure, her face became bloated and scarred. Even Mioku’s parents were unable to identify her after it had taken such a toll on her. Later, it was revealed that she had a mental illness that caused her to make life-altering decisions regularly.

People Supported Her Emotionally and Financially

After she suffered severe facial injuries and was left fighting for her life, her tale was featured on a Korean television show, and viewers were moved to donate money to help her pay for reconstructive surgery. She underwent 10 surgeries as a result of the support she received from her family and the funds they had available.

Doctors were able to remove 60 grams of silicone and oil from her face and 200 grams from her neck during those procedures. However, the damage was so severe that there was no way to restore her original appearance, as she had been before the plastic surgery. Many people are baffled as to whether she is the same person after seeing the before and after photos.

Hang Mioku Net Worth

When given the chance, people should take advantage of it. Hang, on the other hand, was so preoccupied with her appearance during the height of her success with plastic surgery that it ultimately damaged both her celebrity and her fortune.

Hang hasn’t revealed her total assets because she had spent her money on creating her new face. As of 2022, Mioku’s net worth is somewhere around $100,000.

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