What Is Erika Frantzve Net Worth In 2022? (UPDATED)


Erika Frantzve: Charley Kirk is one of the most well-known activists and presenters in the country. A well-known celebrity, he just seized the limelight by revealing the details of his marriage. Erika Frantzve, the 27-year-old fiancée of Turning Point USA’s CEO, has tied the knot. If you’re interested in learning more about his personal life as a married man, please stick around.

Erika Frantzve Early Years

A devout Catholic, Erika Frantzve was born in the United States on November 30, 1988. Arizona is the state where she grew up.

What is the Height of Frantzve?

A former beauty pageant contestant, Erika stands at an impressive 5’6″ (about 1.65 m).

Erika Frantzve Miss Arizona 2012

In the words of Erika and Frantzve: In 2012, Erika was crowned the state’s Miss Arizona 2012 beauty queen. When she was done with that, she entered the Miss USA pageant. However, it is her engagement to Charlie Kirk that has increased her public image to such an extent since appearing on the Pageant screens.

What Does Frantzve Do For A Living?

The 32-year-old Erika Frantzve is a political activist, like her fiance Charlie Kirk, who is also a political activist. She’s a successful businesswoman, a podcaster, a political activist, a former beauty queen, a devout Christian, and many more things besides. Miss Arizona USA 2012 allowed Frantzve to compete for the title of Miss USA 2012.

Recent Post:

Erika graduated from Arizona State University with a bachelor’s degree in political science and international relations. For her Juris Master’s degree, Frantzve went to Liberty University. A Ph.D. in Christian Leadership will be Frantzve’s goal by 2021 at the same university. Additionally, Erika was a member of the NCAA basketball team (NCAA).


Erika has a podcast called Midweek Rise Up, owns her clothing line called Proclaim Street Wear, and works as a real estate agent for The Corcoran Group while pursuing her Ph.D. Scorpio is Frantzve’s zodiac sign. She was born in 1988. On November 20th, she celebrates her birthday.

Frantzve Personal Life

Do you think a conservative Christian and a Republican could work out a deal together? The plot screams “romance.” An entrepreneur and an influencer, She and her fiance Charlie Kirk relate their story. When Erika became engaged to her future husband she was overjoyed, and she couldn’t have picked a better man to spend the rest of her life with.

Frantzve and Kirk will get married on December 2nd, 2020, according to Frantzve’s announcement. According to the real estate agent, Kirk proposed to Frantzve by kneeling with a diamond ring in his hand. Her red gown, Frantzve’s brightest smile on her face, says ‘yes’. Charlie Kirk, Erika’s boyfriend, also shared the news of their engagement on his podcast channel, The Charlie Kirk Show. Erika and Charlie have been together for a year.

Before June 2019, Erika and Charlie had a long-standing friendship that turned romantic in early 2019, or perhaps even before. Turning Point’s founder shares political and religious values with her partner Kirk. There’s a good chance their same interests and hobbies are what pulled them together in the first place.

As of February 2021, Erika and her fiance are still arranging their nuptials. As a result, the wedding between the two has yet to take place. Erika and Charlie’s wedding will surely be announced to their fans.

Erika Frantzve Marriage

On May 25, 2021, Charlie Kirk posted a photo from his wedding with the phrase “Forever,” in which he revealed that he was married. It was also confirmed by his wife, who shared images from their wedding day. They were married on May 8, 2021, in Scottsdale, Arizona, according to the bride-to-revelations.

be’s He was a man who loved her unconditionally, selflessly, sincerely, and truly. The fact that she is in a relationship with someone she admires and respects brings her joy, she adds. Erika Frantzve is now Erika Kirk on Instagram, where she formerly went as Erika Frantzve. Charlie asked her to marry him on December 2, 2020, by going down on one knee and proposing.

His proposal to Erika was accepted, and he and Erika shared a picture of him proposing to her on Instagram. Erika Frantzve, like her husband, is also an activist. When it comes to politics, the two of them are on the same page. Charlie Kirk and she both have faith in the Republican Party. There have been other occasions when they’ve been seen together, including when they showed their support for President Donald Trump and his team.

They also constantly discussed how they would re-elect the former President and save the country under his administration.

What is Erika Frantzve Net Worth in 2022?

Winner of Arizona’s State Beauty Pageant: She has crowned Miss Arizona in 2012. When she was done with that, she entered the Miss USA pageant. However, it is her engagement to Charlie Kirk that has increased her public image to such an extent since appearing on the Pageant screens.

She is estimated to be worth between $1 million and $3 million as of the year 2022.

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