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Brenda James is an actress who is from Canada. She is well-known in the entertainment business for playing Brenda Gutierrez in the comedy, horror, and science fiction movie Slither. She has also been able to win over many people’s hearts with her great performances. She was also one of the most successful actresses of the 1990s in terms of money.

Stay with us to learn more about the talented actress and how she got to where she is now.

Brenda James Early Life And Family Details

Brenda James’ full name is Brenda Lynn Klemme. She was born in Canada, in the city of Edmonton, on September 27, 1979. Oralee Klemme is her mother, and Manfred Klemme is her father. In terms of her siblings, she grew up with her younger sister, Victoria Attanasio, who is also her name. Things did not go well between her parents, so her mother raised her and her sister on her own.

Aside from that, she is 42 years old and her star sign is Libra. Brenda is a Canadian by birth, but she hasn’t said much about where she came from. In the same way, we don’t know much about her religious beliefs and practices. She has also kept quiet about where she went to school. Because of this, online sources say that she went to prestigious universities to finish her education, but this has not been proven.

Brenda James Physical Stats

Brenda James is 1.72m/172cm tall and weighs about 55kg (121lbs). She doesn’t want the media to know about her exact body measurements, which is a shame. But based on how she looks, we can tell that she is slim and in good shape. Her hair is brown, and so are her eyes.


Brenda James Professional Career

In 1984, Brenda James gave her first performance as an actress. Then, she had a small part in the comedy series It’s Your Move. But a year later, in 1985, she became a regular cast member on the comedy show Safe At Home, which was a big break for her career. She has worked on many TV shows since then, like A Family for Joe and Flying Blind.

In 1999, Brenda James made another one of the most important works of her career. She played Kelly Brown in nine episodes of the TV show Sunset Beach, which was a romantic drama. In the comedy, family, and musical TV show 2gether: The Series, she plays the role of Elizabeth Porter, which is one of her recurring roles. Similarly, she was in five episodes of the crime, drama, and mystery show Cold Squad.

Brenda also got a lot of attention in 2006 when she won the hearts of the audience. In the comedy, horror, and science fiction movie Slither, she played the part of Brenda Gutierrez. After she played this part, it was the last time she did a job as an actress. She played the part of Dr. Katie Brown in four episodes of Stargate: Atlantis, an action, adventure, and drama show.

Brenda James doesn’t use social media sites for anything else. She is a private person who likes to keep the media away from the details of her private life. She doesn’t have verified accounts on social media sites like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter because of this.

Brenda James Personal Life

Brenda James has a husband. Her husband, whose name is Umberto Liberatore, is her partner in a marriage. In 2010, they got together for the first time. They both liked each other, so they started going out together. After dating for about five years, they told everyone they were together. During the 51st Annual Cinema Audio Society Awards, the fans got pictures of her with the love of her life.

Brenda James
Brenda James

After being together for about eight years, they finally decided to get married. They got married on February 2, 2018, and have been living together ever since. Two children came from their relationship after they got married. Macie Liberatore and Travis Liberatore are their names. Macie is their oldest child, and she graduated from college. On the other hand, Travis, their youngest child, is currently in high school in a California school.

Brenda James was married to James Matthews, who is now her ex-husband before this happened. The wedding was small and private and took place on May 22, 1993. Unfortunately, their relationship didn’t work out, and after a couple of years, they went their separate ways. They broke up because they had differences that couldn’t be solved. During their time together, they didn’t have any kids.

Brenda James Net Worth

Brenda James’s acting career brings her a nice amount of money. During the 1990s, she was also one of the most well-paid actresses. She hasn’t worked as an actress in more than ten years, but she has still made a lot of money. As of 2022, it is thought that she is worth about $1.5 million.

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