Who Is Lil Durk’s Dad Dontay Banks? UPDATED 2022


Dontay Banks: 7220, Lil Durk’s latest album, was released on March 11th, and some of its songs depict his family life. In the song titled Love Dior, Dior Banks’ late father is mentioned, as well as the rapper’s niece. DThang’s daughter Dior was assassinated in 2021, the same year as Durk, another rapper’s brother was.

Lil Durk’s mother, sister, and father are now the subject of increased curiosity among admirers. Earlier this year, his father was granted his early release from a federal prison in California. Lil Durk’s mother, her sister, and her father, who was released from prison in 2019, are now being sought out by fans.

Who is Dontay Banks?

He is the father of Lil Durk, Dontay Banks. His past is shrouded in mystery, but we do know that he was born and raised in Chicago. Durk was just seven months old when he lost his father, therefore he lived up in Englewood, Chicago, without a parent. When he was taken into custody, he was said to have $8 million in cash.

For many years, Durk spoke openly about the financial hardships of his childhood because his father had been imprisoned.

Dontay Banks Body Measurements

He has striking good looks and towering stature. He appears to have a healthy glow to his complexion. And he’s roughly 5′ 8″ (178 cm/ 1.78 m) tall. In addition, he weighs 70 kilograms after keeping his body’s structure.

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Dontay Banks Age

Dontay Banks’s precise birth date is unknown. He’s in his late 50s. He is a citizen of the United States and a member of a mixed-race family.

Dontay Banks Wife

In his personal life, Dontay Banks has a wife and children. Furthermore, the identity of his wife is unknown. Furthermore, Dontay Banks, Sr., the father of Lil Durk, had been serving two life sentences without the possibility of release, with no known specifics, during his son’s youth. “D Thang,” Dontay Banks Jr., was his older brother. He will have six children by the year 2020.

With India Royale, he has a relationship. Rapper McArthur Swindle’s “OTF Nunu” was shot and killed on May 31, 2014. Then, on March 27, 2015, Durk’s friend and manager, Uchenna “OTF Chino Dolla,” was assassinated as well. King Von, a close buddy of Lil Durk’s, was shot and killed in Atlanta on November 6, 2020. DThang Banks Jr., Durk’s brother, was shot and died outside a Chicago nightclub on June 6, 2021.

Durk and his fiancée were the targets of a house invasion on July 11, 2021, in the early hours. They engaged the assailants with gunshots. The suspects fled the area, and no one was injured. Banks practice Sunni Islam. Many people attribute his ideas and opinions to his time in prison and the general Chicago population.

Dontay Banks Facts

On October 13th, 2021, Dontay Banks’s son, Michael Golden, was arrested in connection with the shooting of a six-year-old boy in Atlanta. A total of four people, including the infant, were injured, and all are expected to live. A stray bullet reportedly injured the boy as he exited a parked car. Lil Durk just starred in a new Beats By Dre commercial as the face of the brand.

It was announced on Monday that Lil Durk will be a part of a new campaign for Beats By Dre headphones with luxury fashion firm A-Cold-Wall*. There are now four felonies filed against Boona, alleging aggravated assault with the intent to kill.

Why Was Dontay Banks Arrested?

Dontay was caught in a Chicago crack cocaine bust in 1993. In July 1994, he and four other men were sentenced to life in prison. For about 25 years, he stayed there. ‘The two males, Carneil Simmons and L.C. Simmons both 48 years old.

Dontay Banks
Dontay Banks

The Chicago Tribune stated on July 15th of that year. Lil Durk’s father, 54-year-old Godfrey, was released from prison in February 2019 after a 22-year sentence for cocaine trafficking.

Durk Discusses His Father’s Release

Recently, Lil Durk opened out about becoming a father for the second time in an interview with Streets Rap WAR. Durk remarked that he finds it strange that his parents are living together because he’s never known somebody who could claim that before. The pair have reconciled after 26 years apart, and from what we can tell, they are quite close.

Lil Durk First Studio Album

7220, the rapper Lil Durk’s upcoming album, is set for release later this month. ‘Pissed Me Off’, ‘Lion Eyes’ and ‘Broadway Girls,’ starring country singer Morgan Wallen, have already been released ahead of a tour in April.

In honor of his grandmother’s home address, 7220 has been renamed after him. In keeping with Ye’s Donda sequel, the album will be released on the same day, February 22.

Dontay Banks Net Worth

Dontay Banks’ real job and income are still a secret, therefore his son Lil Durk’s salary and net worth can be exposed now. From his musical career as of 2021, Dontay’s son has an estimated net worth of more than $3 million.

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