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How We Choose The Best Small Gaming Keyboard In 2022?

Small Gaming Keyboard: keyboards have shrunk to the point that the bare minimum of keys is now available for gaming. You may be tired of full-size keyboards these days, so we’ll look at the best ways to reduce your keys. This guide has no mention of the Numpad, so if you’re used to it, stay away from it.

Small Gaming Keyboard may not be as versatile as larger ones, but many gamers still choose them because of their convenience. The compact gaming keyboard is slowly beginning to compete with full-size keyboards due to its lower footprint and reduced clutter.

How We Choose The Best Small Gaming Keyboard?

When it comes to the things we propose, consumers always have the same question: “What’s the best display or gaming mouse? “. What criteria do you use to select the products that you promote? If you’d want to know more about our recommendations, this is an excellent question to ask. Our best-of lists normally begin by outlining a long list of finalists.

We’ll narrow it down to about 10 finalists after doing a lot of research, and we’ll either buy them or have them brought to us to test. We conduct individual tests on each keyboard once we have the finalists in the office to ensure that our findings are objective and representative of a wide range of users.

How We Test Small Gaming Keyboard?

Choosing the best items is a major element of our selection process, and testing them is an important component of that process. It’s a means for us to ensure that the product or service we’re recommending is absolutely the finest option in its category. To be considered “the best,” a product must perform well in our tests and show superior quality and features to its competitors.

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Everything from pricing and performance to build quality, efficiency, and aesthetics is taken into consideration when recommending items here at WPC. Before a product is included in one of our recommendations, it is put to the test in a variety of situations to evaluate how well it performs. Doing so enables us to offer you the most accurate evaluation of the product’s performance and its value to you.

Things To Consider When Purchasing A Small Gaming Keyboard

There are a lot of alternatives out there when it comes to finding the finest compact gaming keyboard for your needs, especially when you consider how many there are. Because of this, before making a keyboard purchase, we’ve developed a list of the most important elements you should know and consider.

If you follow these steps, you’ll not only get the next keyboard you want but one that offers fantastic value for your money as well:


In comparison to full-size keyboards, tiny keyboards have many advantages. The lack of Numpad and unnecessary fn keys allow for significantly more portability, if you’ve ever tried to stuff a full-size keyboard into a little undersized backpack for the commute to a LAN party, you’ll be acutely aware of how enhanced portability can be a game-changer.


With more portability, comes the necessity for alternative connectivity. 2.4GHz USB dongles or Bluetooth are commonly used in compact gaming keyboards to do this. When using a laptop and PC at the same time, a Bluetooth keyboard is especially useful because it can connect to so many different devices. In certain cases, it can even connect to three devices at once.


Please bear with us while we try to make sense of this. Multiple profiles come in helpful while using a compact gaming keyboard because of the space constraints. You may set various behavior for different keys based on the profile you’ve created. In some settings, you can use one set of shortcuts and macros, while in others, you can use a completely different set.


When it comes to gaming keyboards, the mechanical key switches are perhaps the most significant consideration. Your keyboard (and PC) are informed of which keys have been pushed by the switch mechanism. While the switches are primarily responsible for controlling the board’s functionality, they also have a significant impact on the keyboard’s feel while typing or gaming.

The design technology for switches has evolved along with the switches themselves. Faster responsiveness, tactile feedback, and clicky sound actuation are all options available from keyboard switch makers. These features can be found in a wide variety of switch designs.


This brings us well to the area of this article about the quality of the construction and the durability. Because of the amount of pressure and stress a keyboard is subjected to over its lifetime, this is an important consideration when purchasing a keyboard.

Macro Keys And Media Keys

There are still plenty of keyboards on the market today that lack macro or media keys, so it’s important to know about them if you’re in the market for a new keyboard. It’s also possible to construct macro keys using several of the most common peripheral software suites.

Key Rollover

In games that involve button-bashing or complex commands involving several keystrokes, a key rollover can be a true must-have feature. In current keyboards, key rollover allows the user to press the “x” number of keys at once, all of which are registered to the PC. One of the most useful features of key rollover is NKRO – or the ability to simultaneously push all of the keys on a computer keyboard.


We will focus on the large keyboards, 60 percent, and TKL, but not all compact form factor keyboards are the same size; there are many other sorts. It is called TKL because it is a Tenkeyless design, which means that the keyboard is the same as a full-size keyboard except for the absence of the Numpad.

A Tenkeyless design is a fantastic entry point for entering into compact keyboards as the use of the Numpad has been falling for a long now, so the Tenkeyless design saves you a good amount of space, but won’t leave you feeling too alienated as the arrow cluster and Fn keys remain unaltered. Fn keys, a Numpad, Arrow cluster, and navigation buttons like page down and page up to make up 60% of the keyboard.

Games, especially first-person shooters, rarely use the aforementioned keys, making it a popular choice for gamers. If you’d like a visual representation, we’ve prepared a comparison image.

Small form factor keyboards are a great investment if you’re looking to save space and improve the look of your gaming environment.

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