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Will There Be A ‘Candy’ Season 2 on Hulu? (Latest News)

Candy, the original miniseries of HULU, has been immensely praised by the fans. The series has ended, and fans have already started the intense thriller and wandering about the potential season 2. Let’s see whether HULU will gift the fans the second installment of the series or if the fans have to wait forever to get the second season.

Candy is a crime drama series that first premiered on the streaming platform HULU. Created by Nick Antosca and Robin Veith, the series is set in the 1980s. The series spins around the protagonist, Candy Montgomery, a housewife, and mother.

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She has the life of an ordinary housewife who does everything right but craves little freedom. However, her life took a gross turn when he became accused of brutally murdering her best friend, Betty Gore.

The series comprises five episodes, each with a running time of 46–55 minutes. 

The drama got an appreciation for its storyline, characters, timing, and also a decent IMDB rating of 7.3 out of 10.

Well, the true fans are wondering about the future of the series. Well, let’s see what HULU has decided for the series. Without wasting any time, let’s delve into the article.

Will There Be A Candy Season 2

Everything must come to end someday, no matter how good it is. Well, the same goes for the crime thriller Candy. 

Candy Season 2
Candy Season 2

The outstanding performance of Jessica Biel and Melanie Lynskey in the series has mesmerized the audience. However, to the dismay of the fans, HULU marketed the series as miniseries which means only one season. Moreover, the series is based on the real story of Candy Montgomery, who was accused of murdering her friend and later set free by the court even though she had killed her friend. 

Season one has wrapped up the story pretty well. There are no loose ends to tie in the upcoming season. There is no source material for the second season, so it is unlikely that season 2 will ever arrive.

Candy Season 2 Release Date 

It is highly unlikely that HULU will renew the series for the next installment. The series was a miniseries, and moreover, the writer has wrapped the story well. However, HULU might convert the series from miniseries into anthology series. We will update it here once anything gets official, 

Candy Season 2 Plot

The maximum of the crime dama comprises the courtroom drama. The miniseries have not deviated much from the original story of Candy Montgomery. 

The series began with Candy’s normal lifestyle and run fine until she got arrested for the murder of her friend Betty Gore. The shocking thing was that Candy pleaded guilty in the courtroom. However, she said she had murdered her friend in self-defense.

As seen in the other crime dramas, Candy had gone through a polygraph test, and hypnosis and also took the defense of repressed childhood. 

In the end, the claims and argument of the defense counsel worked on the Jury, and ultimately, Jury discharged the Candy and set her free.  

In the final moments, we saw Candy seeing Jessica Biel’s character while having candy and looking at the camera and saying over voiceover. “So next time you’re sad you didn’t get what you want, you just wait. Because God has something even better for you,”.

Well, the story and end of the story were spine-chilling. The original Candy Montgomery altered her name and migrated to become a therapist after the case was over. 

Unfortunately, the original jaw-dropping miniseries has ended. However, do not be sad. HULU is coming with a new series, Love and Death.

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About Love and Death

Although Hulu did an extraordinary job of demonstrating this startling case, there is still more to come. HBO is working on its own version of the miniseries, and that may probably premiere later this year having the title Love and Death.

In the HBO series, Elizabeth Olsen will play the role of Candy, Jesse Plemons will play the role of Allan Gore, Patrick Fugit will play the role of Pat Montgomery, and Lily Rabe will play the role of Betty Gore. The miniseries is written by David E. Kelley and will be directed by Lesli Linka Glatter. Only that much information is available about the upcoming series. We will update here once more information is out.

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