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Sid Wilson Net Worth: Early Life, Career, Girlfriend And more

Sid Wilson Net Worth: DJ Starscream, whose real name is Sid Wilson, is an American keyboardist and rapper who is well known for his risky performances with the heavy metal band Slipknot. Sid Wilson’s net worth in 2022 is $10 million. Wilson has done stage dives during Grammy Awards and won band concerts in the past.

Wilson has done a lot for the band, like making creative noises in the background and sound effects. Wilson also started a side project called SID, which started touring in 2010. Wilson is also the lead singer for SID.

Early Life Of Sid Wilson

Sid George Wilson III was born in Iowa, United States of America, on January 20, 1977. He is known as DJ Starscream or #0, and he was the youngest member of the metal band Slipknot, which won a Grammy. Alessandro Venturella and Jay Weinberg, the drummer, joined the band and took Wilson’s place as the youngest member.

Career Of Sid Wilson

Wilson grew up in Iowa and comes from an English family. He got the name “Slipknot” from a character in the movie “Transformers” of the same name. Wilson has tattoos from the Transformers series because he likes them. Wilson’s music is a type of music called heavy metal. It has noises that sound scary, scratching, and loud sounds. When each band member was given a number, he insisted on being number zero because number 0 stood for filth.


Wilson is also known for his stage dives, but he broke his heels when he jumped from a height of 10 feet at one of these events. Wilson has been in Slipknot since 1998, and in 2008 he started playing the keyboard for the band. As DJ Starscream, he has put out the albums “Full Metal Scratch It” in 2003, “Abunaii Sounds – Tataku On Your Atarna” in 2003, “Sound Assault” in 2005, “Live at Konkrete Jungle New York City” in 2005, “The New Leader” in 2006, and “This Is Full Metal Jungle Vol. 1” in 2008.

Wilson has a big fan base on his own, especially in Japan, where he is known as DJ Starscream. He is signed to N20 Records, a Japanese record label. Wilson worked with Japanese artists like Hiroshi Kyono and The Mad Capsule Markets on the song “HAKAI (Destroy),” which was included on the album “The Songs for Death Note the movie – The Last name Tribute,” which was made for the second Death Note movie. In 2010, he went on tour with his other band, SID, where he was the lead singer.

Wilson put out the first album by SID in 2011. He also opened for the band Vamps in New York and Los Angeles. During his performances, Wilson likes to wear gas masks that have been changed to look like skulls. During the “Subliminal Verses World Tour,” Wilson wore the same look. He had long hair and wore masks that looked like skulls. In another album for ‘All Hope Is Gone,’ he wore masks that looked like robots.

This was a tribute to the Transformers movie series. The masks are controlled by animatronics, so he can make different faces. Paul Gray, who played bass for the band Slipknot, died in 2010. Wilson wore his old mask and a red jumpsuit on his “Memorial World Tour” after Gray died as a way to honor Gray. Wilson told people at his 2013 Ozzfest Japan in Tokyo about a new mask.

Bob Basset, an artist from Ukraine, made the mask. Bob Basset’s designs have also been used in the music video for Slipknot’s song “The Devil in Me,” which is from their 2014 album “5: The Gray Chapter.”

Current Topic

The singer for the band Slipknot and the English actress Kelly Osbourne have been dating for a long time. The couple is expecting their first child together, but that’s about all we know about their relationship right now. Before they started dating, the two had known each other for 20 years. In 1999, when Wilson was on tour with Ozzfest, they ran into each other.

They were friends for a long time before they started going out together. The actress also posted a sweet message to Wilson on Instagram, saying that he is her best friend and soulmate and that she loves the artist very much. In May 2022, Osbourne told everyone she was pregnant.

Sid Wilson Girlfriend

From what we know about Sid Wilson, he has never been married and does not appear to be single at this time, according to the information we have in our files. As of December 2021, Sid Wilson is not romantically involved with anyone else.

Sid Wilson Net Worth
Sid Wilson Net Worth

We don’t know anything about Sid Wilson’s past partnerships right now. You are more than welcome to help us put together a timeline of Sid Wilson’s romantic relationships!

Awards Of Sid Wilson

Wilson joined Slipknot for real in 1998, three years after the band was formed in 1995. Wilson became the band’s DJ and keyboardist, and when he joined them on stage, the crowd cheered and clapped. When they joined the band, which also had members like Corey Taylor, Joey Jordison, and Shawn Crahan, they went on to make several platinum albums and win several awards, including Grammys. Here is a list of the honors and awards they have received.

Sid Wilson Net Worth

Sid Wilson is thought to have a net worth of $10 million and makes $1 million a year. Most of his money comes from his work as a band artist and in the music business. Slipknot is an American heavy metal band made up of Shawn Crahan on drums, Joey Jordison on drums, and Paul Gray on bass. Sid Wilson is a member of the band.

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