Garuda App Latest Version Download 2022 FREE: How To Use It?


Download the Garuda App 2022 for free, Garuda blo mobile app, and Garuda blo register Garuda How to Use a Mobile App a problem with the Garuda blo app was resolved How to get things done Using a QR Code, you can download the app. Download the most recent version of Garuda Blo register apk.

What Is Garuda App?

The Garuda app was created to make voting easier for the public. Forms Nos. 6, 7, and 8 will be able to be fed into this app, which will allow the Blo to add, remove, or modify voter names, addresses, and other information on the electoral roll. Using the app, polling booths will be tagged with their current status. Polling stations will be able to tag up to 25 different types of facilities.

Additional door-to-door tagging will be done by the Blo. Other information about the voter will be geo-tracked, such as where the voter lives and how many members of the voter’s family live in the voter’s home. Alwar, in Rajasthan, is expected to be the starting point. When this is done, Bhilwara will be chosen.

The Garuda Maybail app is now available for use in the district’s data assembly constituencies as a pilot project. Additional The state’s Chief Electoral Officer, Krishna Kunal, informed the election officials of the assembly constituencies that a mobile app, garuda, had been created to make electoral activities easier. All of the features of this app must be thoroughly understood by election officials and staff.

Garuda App
Garuda App

At the Kaktrat Auditorium in this city on Friday, a one-day workshop was held to ensure that elections are completed on time and with high quality. In the workshop, Kunal explained that the Blo will use the Jio testing of each voter’s house and the Garuda mobile app to complete other crucial election-related tasks. The app will be widely used in India, and it will be a great success.

ECI’s skilled Pathak, the ICT director, spoke to the group about the upcoming Assembly and Lok Sabha elections and how the Garuda mobile app will be used to improve voter registration and turnout. Download the Garuda BLO App by the year 2022.

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Has Garuda App Been Released?

Garuda App for BLO Registration Garuda A New BLO Register App Has Been Released! Download Blo apk Year 2022 was recently launched by CDAC Garuda.

How To Use The Latest Version Of The Garuda App?

App for Online Voter ID Verification or Correction, Download Write a review. Verify your voter ID online with BLO. Pathak asserted that the online process will not be hindered by the use of documents because of improvements made to the voting booth system via this mobile app.

The pilot project in Alwar City and Ramgarh assembly constituency Garuda BLO App download 2022 explained in detail to the election officers of these constituencies the processes of voter verification and household marking, among other things.

The Ceo Of Garuda Has Announced That The App Will Be Used To Map All Polling Stations In Punjab

The Election Commission of India (ECI) has introduced the ‘Garuda’ app for digital mapping of all polling stations, adding latitude and longitude by booth-level officers, to ensure faster, more transparent, and on-time completion of election work (BLOs). Dr. S Karuna Raju, Punjab Chief Electoral Officer (CEO), said that BLOs will use this app to upload photos and location data of polling stations from their registered mobile numbers before holding a poll readiness review meeting at PAU Ludhiana.

According to him, the app will help reduce the amount of paperwork and BLOs will be able to add, delete, or modify voter names and addresses. According to him, the ECI will finish the entire process in Ludhiana within the next three days by running the drive-in mission mode.

Latest Version Garuda Mobile App December 2022

It was Anandi’s job to make sure that all participating officers were able to put into practice what they had learned. If you have any doubts, ask his master trainer for all the information you can get.

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