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Cody Ko Net Worth: When did Cody Ko start making money on YouTube? He was born on November 22, 1991, and he’s now worth $6 million. It was through Vine that he first came to the attention of people. Tiny Meat Gang is another group with him and Noel Miller. His other roles include Wade Senders in The Real Brothers of Simi Valley, Teddy in The Boonies, and the Neighbor in Suki. He also did voice work for a few of these shows.

The last time he was in the news, Tana Mongeau said that she and Cody Ko had sex. He said he was going to marry his girlfriend, Kelsey Kreppel, a few hours ago. Cody Ko is a businessman who has a lot of money and does a lot of work. We’re going to tell you all about him in this post. You should wonder how much money he makes because of how well-off he looks. It will answer all your questions today in this post, so don’t worry about them. Look at his wealth.

Early Life Of Cody Co

This is how Cody Ko came to be: He was born on 22 November 1991 in the city of Calgary, in the country of Canada. He is now 31 years old. It’s Cody Michael Kolodziejzky’s full name. People call him Cody Ko.

Cody Ko Net Worth
Cody Ko Net Worth

They are Greg and Helen Kolodziejzky, both from Canada. Greg is a cyclist who has set many world records, and Helen is his mother.


He has a sister named Krista, and she is often in his YouTube videos. When he went to Duke University, he finished all of his computer science majors. When he was a child, his parents worked in the business.

Career Of Cody Ko

It took Cody Ko a long time to get a degree in computer science from Duke. “I’d Cap That” is an iPhone app that lets you add captions to photos. In May 2012, the app was named the Free App of the Week after having more than 4 million users. At Fullscreen, which is part of AT&T’s WarnerMedia, he worked as a senior iOS developer. After making funny Vine videos, he became famous.

He now has his own YouTube channel called “Cody Ko” or “Cody & Ko,” where he makes videos about other YouTube and Instagram stars and their videos. In 2014, he started a YouTube account. With Kelsey Kreppel, he works on the show Couples Cringe. In 2016 and 2018, he won creator awards for having 100,000 subscribers (2016) and 1,000,000 subscribers (2018). (2018).

He has also done a YouTube show called “The Real Bros of Simi Valley” with YouTube comedian Jimmy Tatro called “The Real Bros of Simi Valley.”

Assets And Properties

It costs $3.8 million to live there. His YouTube channel makes $1.7 million a year. There are no reports or information about any other valuable things he owns.

Income Sources Of Cody Co

Cody Ko has a lot of ways to make money. He mostly makes money from his YouTube channel, which has 5.79 million subscribers at the moment. His other jobs are also: he’s a comic, and he hosts a show on a podcast. As a rapper, he is also very good at his job. A few of his songs have been singles, like “Cuddle Bug,” “Sadboi Watermelon Party,” and “Fuck Halloween.” It doesn’t stop there.

He is also a member of TMG [Tiny Meat Gang]. He also sells his products on his social media sites, and he has made money from them. His monthly income can’t be found.

Cody Ko Net Worth

From his 5.25 million subscribers on YouTube, Cody Ko makes $4750 per day. Because of this, his channel makes $1.7 million a year. When you think about how a YouTuber makes money, you’ll have a lot of different ideas. Well, YouTubers get paid based on how many people watch their videos that are monetized, where they are, and how they play the game.

People who make money when people watch their videos on YouTube usually get paid between $2 and $5 for each thousand monetized views. To get a B+ grade on Social Blade, Cody Ko has ranked 757th in his country on YouTube. At some point in the last 30 days, Cody Ko’s YouTube channel gained 40k subscribers, which is a good thing for him to see.

Cody Ko Personal Life

Cody Ko told his girlfriend Kelsey Kreppel that he was going to marry her on December 19, 2021. He made his engagement official by posting a picture on Instagram with the caption “yesterday was a beautiful perfect day. I can’t wait to marry you.” Thank you for making me the happiest guy. I’ve tagged her in the post.

In the past, he was thought to be dating a fellow YouTuber and OnyFans model named Corinna Kopf. The two used to appear in each other’s videos a lot. He is friends with Noel Miller, who was also a Viner. They make commentary videos together and also make music together as the Comedy Rap duo Tiny Meat Gang, which is a comedy rap group.

Cody Co YouTube 

You can see Cody co youtube videos below:

Rich People Are Dependent On Other Rich People For Their Money

There are more than 5.79 million people who follow Cody Ko’s YouTube channel, which makes him very rich. It costs $3.8 million to live there. The rapper, comedian, and podcaster are also some of the other things he does in his spare time. He also makes money by putting out albums, so he makes money. His wealth is $5.47 million.

As of 2022, Cody Ko is thought to be worth about $6 million. When he was younger, he used Vine to make short comedy skits that he then put on YouTube. He is a YouTuber, musician, rapper, podcaster, and comedian from Canada. It’s called Cody Ko or Cody & Ko on YouTube.

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