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Are you also jealous of the expensive skins and backgrounds that other players own? Are you that person who thinks spending on skins is not worth it, but you will play if available for free?

If you are, we have good news for you. The technology has evolved to a level where third-party applications can make edits inside the games. The app that we are talking about is Nicoo. It is not available on Playstore, and you have to put in some effort to access the app.

nicooapp .com
nicooapp .com

The app gives you the luxury of changing the color of the background and the color of the skin of various things in the lobby of the Garena Free Fire. 

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The artificial intelligence of the Nicoo app is designed in such a way that it can change the appearance of almost anything in the game. It offers high-tech scanning tools, which the player can use to optimize the gaming experience according to their choice. The app also has pre-fed images, and the app also allows you to use your gallery of pictures.

The app is available for use by all Android platform users across phones and tablets. The app is exclusively for Garena Free Fire, and it is a Battle Royale-themed game, just like pubg.

Apart from the superpower of changing almost anything in the game, the app also has one-of-a-kind skins for characters, vehicles, and weapons. The app allows you to change the get-up of nearly everything that you can see as part of the game. We have gathered some information on the app to share with you, so stay tuned while we do our thing.

nicooapp .com For Free Fire
nicooapp .com For Free Fire


The app is exclusively made and designed to be used with Garena Free Fire and has a vast customization option available. Customize the game lobby and flex your gaming skills and design. The app comes with the option of attaching pictures from the gallery, to give some personalized touch. The app also offers some inside the app 

Nicoo Apk is an Android application that can be used to change various FF game features. You can change skins, costumes, characters, weapon skins, and more.

Nicoo App Apk Features

The app is a revolutionary step and is winning hearts of the users globally. The app is full of features, and the AI of the app is very carefully curated by the developers. The app also provides you with the option of requesting a new collection of customizations and designs.

You can change the design and apply it to parachutes, Hats, Costumes, Superboard, main menu backgrounds, backpacks, weapons, masks, and many more. The app works well with the latest version of the app, and the new skins and backgrounds can be accessed at every update. 

nicooapp .com Apk Features
nicooapp .com Apk Features

The app comes with an anti-ban system, and hence you can play the game without any tension of getting caught by the game system and eventually getting banned. It is needless to say that all the games have a highly protected and well-secured atmosphere, which does not allow any third-party access. The app, however, bypasses that and lets you access the customizations to nearly everything. 

The app does not require you to do the root process and can be downloaded and accessed on the phone. Another merit of the app is that it does not has any ads and will not disturb your gameplay in between. The app is very user-friendly and can be effectively used, even by ones who do not have much knowledge of the phones. The app is also absolutely free and has no in-app purchases. 

The app overall has a great experience and ratings and is received in high regard by the people who prefer a little style in their gameplay. The app imparts your personality to your character and makes it interesting. The downloading of the app is very easy and does not require any checks or balances. Data is present on your phone, so it does not need much of your data when you re-install it. 

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The third-party factor may worry some, and people may have security issues with the app, but we have to lose something to gain something else. The app has no security issues, and no security breach or issue is reported by any user. Your phone is safe by the security system of the manufacturing company, and Google Play Store also contributes to it. So, the chances are thin that you will face any security issues while using the application on your phone.

The app does not have auto-update, as it is not part of the Google Play store. Hence you will have to update the application at regular intervals, and on updating few new components will be installed, and the rest of it is already present on the phone. 

The app is one of a kind and is a must-have for all gamers, who want to flex some style, and want to make the gaming experience more engaging and interesting. Keep checking this space for all other information, and drop your comments if you are already using the app.  

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