Tiktok Counter: Realtime Followers Counter (UPDATED)


We cannot possibly imagine our lives without social media platforms. And we cannot deny the point up to which these platforms have immersed in our lifestyles.

TikTok is one the fastest growing social media platform with a customer base of up to a billion users. Because it is less time-consuming and more participatory, its short-form visual material appeals to the masses.

Its popularity has grown even faster than Facebook’s, with at least a billion individuals signing up each month only five years after its international introduction. 

If you are a budding content creator, this is a substantial amount that you may tap into to reach additional users and possibly get verified on TikTok.

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However, to do so, you must first comprehend how your numbers move in real-time – and a TikTok counter is a terrific way to do so. While a significant number of followers may not be the most accurate predictor of TikTok popularity, it is a visible metric that people use to compare accounts.

There is a simple way to examine this data and observe how rapidly your followers or the followers of your favorite TikTok stars increase or decline.

You can use the TikTok Counter tool to see how quickly your favorite TikTok users are gaining new viewers, followers, and social clout daily. This blog will be discussing this tool, the TikTok counter, in great detail.

Read the complete article to have a better understanding of the TikTok counter.

What Is The TikTok Counter

Live Follow Count
Live Follow Count

TikTok counter is quite an effective tool for TikTokers who want to quickly increase their following or maintain a high level of interaction. However, it has some flaws that need the usage of alternative TikTok counters. It has two limitations:

  • TikTok releases its analytics daily, so this cannot comprehend to give you any real-time analytics.
  • TikTok restricts accessing the analytics from any other user. 

A TikTok counter would alleviate these difficulties and provide you with a complete picture of how your account is performing at any given time. First and foremost, a TikTok counter constantly monitors your follower count and provides you with real-time updates on its changes.

You will not have to wait until the next day to discover if your numbers have improved or declined. From the perspective of a content creator, this can be a big assist in addressing any downtime in your engagement as it occurs.

Understanding how your competitors are doing things is more crucial than knowing your data for launching a successful content campaign.

TikTok does not provide a comprehensive mechanism for you to achieve this. You might be able to acquire an approximation number from their profile sites, but they aren’t as accurate because they aren’t exact and real-time.

Using a TikTok counter, you will be able to access all of the statistics of other creators in the same way that it does your account. You can use this to learn about the positive things that other people are doing and to keep up with TikTok trends. And this is the reason why a budding creator should use this tool. 

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How To Check TikTok count

On your TikTok profile page, you can view your follower count and the total number of likes your account received across all of your videos. However, this may not be accurate because TikTok rounds off these statistics if you have a large following. To see the exact data, activate analytics in the TikTok creator tools. You can accomplish it in under a minute!

Follow Three Simple Steps:

  • Open the TikTok app and tap on the user avatar at the bottom of your screen. Doing this will take you to your profile page, where you will see a rounded-up TikTok follower and like total.
  • Select Creator tools by clicking the hamburger button in the upper-right area of your screen.
  • Select Analytics from the creator tools page to view your account’s statistics.

TikTok’s analytics has four tabs:

  • Overview: This tab contains a summarized version of the information that you will find on the other three tabs. It will also show you all the activity on your accounts, such as the number of video views, profile views, likes, comments, and shares. 
  • Content: This page displays all of the videos that are trending or have a high level of audience engagement. The content tab is an excellent starting point for determining what type of TikTok videos to post in the future based on your followers’ preferences.
  • Following: It has the information about the people who are following you.
  • LIVE: This is the last tab, and it displays all those who are live.

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How To Compare Live Follower Count On TikTok:

There are at least ten ways to compare a Live follower count on TikTok. Some TikTok counters, such as Livecounts.io, go even farther, allowing you to analyze your TikTok follower count from other producers. This is a game-changer since you will be able to calculate your lead or how much ground you have to make up.

To compare two creators’ follower counts, simply enter their usernames into the TikTok live follower comparison tool and press the enter key. It will display the difference in follower counts between the two accounts. In addition, you will be able to observe how much the difference is growing in real-time.

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