Cash Magnet App Download: Is It Legit?


Even though many of these apps aren’t as lucrative as they once were, I still like the concept of using your phone as a means of earning some extra cash. To demonstrate how easy it is to make money with the Cash Magnet app, I’ll be using an old Android phone that I had lying around. With this app, you have to be extremely careful. However, it’s a simple way to get a little extra cash each month without a lot of work.

Read my CashMagnet review to the end to learn how and what not to do to get the most out of your earnings with CashMagnet.

What Is Cash Magnet?

For a long time, you could earn money by letting your computer browse the web on its own and by visiting specific sites. The Cash Magnet app is essentially an app for your phone that does the same thing as these traffic-generating websites. You may be asking yourself: why would anyone pay me to sit at home and browse the internet when I’m not even there? Sadly, click farms, bots, and other forms of low-quality traffic account for a significant portion of all internet traffic.

Digital marketers who aren’t doing their due diligence may be looking for ways to increase their click-through rates without spending a fortune. There is also a large market for digital marketing arbitrage, which is taking advantage of low-cost traffic sources to profit from more expensive internet real estate. As a college student and then as a full-time employee of a digital marketing agency, I can attest that there is some questionable and cheap traffic to be found.


How Does The Cash Magnet App Work?

To use the CashMagnet app, you must have an Android device running version 4.4 or higher. Additional RAM and storage space are also recommended. As a result, you’ll need to take a few extra steps before you can use CashMagnet.

Cash Magnet
Cash Magnet

Install The Application Cashmagnet

“Android Package Kit” is the abbreviation for APK. To avoid having to go through Google Play, you can install CashMagnet directly from their website using their APK. I don’t recommend this for your primary phone, so keep that in mind. Downloading files from third-party sources is risky because you never know when an app will be hacked or when your data will be sold.

Keep your personal life and your money-making experiments separate in the world of beer money. Before you open the app, use your phone’s download manager to complete the installation of CashMagnet.

Force Permission

CashMagnet will ask for permission to “draw over other apps” as soon as you open it. This is a simple way to make an app stand out from the rest. When using screen recorders, this is a common permissions setting. To pay you, CashMagnet necessitates access to your phone’s location data. Remember, this is a dubious app, so don’t install it on your primary smartphone.

Install Games To Level Up

CashMagnet is a fun way to earn money on autopilot. However, before you can start making money with CashMagnet, you’ll need to upgrade your account. Not all of CashMagnet’s revenue comes from selling mobile traffic. To earn more idle time on your phone, the app forces you to download sponsored games.

For the most part, the more sponsored games you download, the longer your phone can run in “passive” mode. There are about 75 minutes of idle time if you only install one game. To get to the second level, you’ll need to install three games, and so on until you’ve installed a total of seven.

Installing more games increases your level of progression. Additionally, leveling up gives you a better hourly rate of points earned. After installing all of your games and reaching a high level, your phone is capable of running nonstop.

Running And Earning

You can activate CashMagnet once you’ve installed a few games (which can be redeemed for cash and other rewards). As long as the app is working, your phone will begin visiting various websites and watching advertisements until your passive run-time expires. You can re-start the process after 24 hours have passed. As you earn CashMagnet points, your earnings per hour increase in line with your level.

Claim Your Awards

CashMagnet, in contrast to many other reward apps that pay in cash, only has a $1 minimum cash out. You can currently exchange your points for the following:

  • Gift cards to
  • You can get money from PayPal.
  • Bitcoin.\sEthereum.

Cash Magnet’s website, not its app, is where you go to redeem your rewards. It is not uncommon for rewards to take several weeks to arrive. My PayPal refunds have taken weeks or even months to arrive, but they always do.

Is Cashmaget Safe?

A burner Android device should be used to run the CashMagnet app, in my opinion. An Android device that you don’t use every day is known as a “burner phone.” Cash Magnet doesn’t require a SIM card, so you can use a broken Android phone to run it. As an autosurfing device, CashMagnet claims their app is safe, but I keep it off of my primary phone.

Cashmagnet App Is A Scam Or A Legitimate App?

As a conclusion to this CashMagnet evaluation, I’d say that it’s a respectable application. Installing the app and getting paid without doing anything is legit, right? Using the app has never been a problem for me, and the Reddit community is generally pleased with it. Let’s face it: this app was removed from the Google Play store for a reason. As a general rule, I don’t recommend using this app on your primary phone.

Farmers who use this app and others are reaping the benefits of a steady stream of income. However, for the vast majority of people, I believe it’s a solid $100-200 per year or so if you have some older Android phones and spend some time leveling them. You can expect to pay between $50 and $100 if you’re short on monitoring time or run into bugs. That is all you can expect from this service, and once again, please don’t use your regular mobile phone.

Hopefully, this review of the CashMagnet beer money app has clarified a few things for you.

The site has more information.


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