How To Download Getapp Vip App For FREE? Know All Latest INSIGHTS


Two apps that have surpassed all the app stores and applications are available online. Those two apps are the Apple store and Google Play store, but there is one another, which is raising its head and is giving head-on competition to both. We are talking about GetApp, an app by the mobile phone giant Xiaomi.

The application presents a great opportunity and variety for the developers, and the consumers, respectively. We have gathered some information on the application and will share it with you shortly. Till then, fasten up your seatbelts and get ready for a joy ride.

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What Is Getapp VIP?

Getapp Vip is one of the fastest-growing alternatives for Google’s play store. The developer of the app is mobile phone giant, Xiaomi. The app is already installed on all Mi phones by default. Recently the app store of Xiaomi has picked up the pace and has become famous amongst the community of the developers.

getapp vip Updates
getapp vip Updates

The store has lately been supporting the developers around the globe, mainly including India, Russia, Spain, and Indonesia. The company is now looking for ways to expand its scope to Europe, Southeast Asia, and the US.

GetApps, just like its nemesis, Google Play Store has a very sorted section for accessing the apps. The store has organized itself into various categories, including games, finance, communication, social media, photography, education, adventure, etc. GetApp VIP is misunderstood to be a generic app store, but in reality, the store has all the biggies in its arsenal, like PUBG, TikTok, etc.

The application has many features to offer s part of its user interface and products, However, there is one feature that stands out. The App is having a special section by the name Today. Every day, the team selects one of the best performing apps and makes it, the application of the day.

GetApp Vip hence is not just an app but is also a guide and a fun place to be. GetApp is also providing platforms for all the young and budding developers, and also to the already established ones, by exposing them to the large number of people who have GetApps and use it.

How To Download And Create Account On GetApp Vip?

GetApps come in as a default on all Mi phones, but if do not have it, you can download its apk file. Google for getting Apps and install the app on your phone via an apk file. The application then will require a Mi account, as it requires for all its other services.

To make the account, you will have to go to the registration website, fill up the details, and create an account. Once you have logged in to the Developer Console, you become a Mi developer.

How To Publish On GetApp Vip?

We have also prepared a short step-wise step itinerary for you to follow in case you wish to publish your application on GetApps. So follow these simple steps to publish your application:

 Step 1: Reach out to the Mi developer console and click on Distribute

Step 2: It will ask you to sign up, so fill in the relevant details and get in

Step 3: There will be an option as, Create application, then click on that

Step 4: Set the required options like language, name of the application, a short description of the application, a complete description, and put in some keywords that will ease up the process to reach your application. 

Step 5: Click on upload application. 

Step 6: If you wish to reach out to multi-lingual people across various countries, you will have to fill in the language information for some more countries.

Step 7:upload the apk version, put the version name and other details there, and save the draft.

Step 8:Set up the countries you wish to distribute the application in, set the release time, put in the review, and other details, and save the draft.

Step 9: Click on publish

Once you submit your application to the store, it will go for the review. The review will be done by the experts and team Xiaomi. They will see whether the application is in accordance with the standards or not. It takes three working days for the review, and they will inform you if your application is worth publishing.

However, do not get disheartened by the rejection, as it comes with the reasons for the rejection of the application. The detailed review by the team of Xiaomi enables you to improve upon your application and submit it again for publishing. 

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Overall the application is a user-friendly space for all the users. The application is also a great space and platform for all the developers. It provides an audience in good number and users for the apps. The application offers some unique and technologically advanced apps and software for the use of the masses, and in most cases, it is for free.

All the developers should not miss this opportunity and should publish their apps on GetApps and wait for success.

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