What Is Xresolver, How To Use It And Is It Legal To Use? [Updated 2022]


If you’re a gamer, there’s nothing worse than sitting down to play an online game and realizing you’re playing with a hacker. When you join public online gaming sessions, your IP address may be accessible to other players, resulting in targeted DDoS attacks or being kicked out of gameplay sessions.

This signifies that your information has been scraped and made public. Sites like resolver, which claim to contain the public IP addresses and Gamertags of thousands of susceptible individuals, simply add to the worries of gamers.

However, there are various precautions you can take to prevent being listed on sites like these and to remain safe online.

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Xresolver is a database service that tracks users’ Gamertags and IP addresses when they play on Xbox, PlayStation, and PC platforms. Even though the information on the website is theoretically lawful because it is publicly available, it can cause catastrophic issues for gamers who routinely compete in online competitions.

Furthermore, Xresolver offers a service in which players can pay a fee to have their IP address deleted from the log for a very, very, long time. It is not advised to do so. IP addresses of players, and their associations with Gamertags and online profiles, are saved in Xresolver, a freely available database and website.

It should be noted that this information is publicly available. Therefore distributing it on a public website is not strictly prohibited.

The problem is that the person who wants to know which IP address corresponds to your unique profile (whether on PS4, Xbox, or PC) is unlikely to have your best interests at heart. Who else, outside your friends, would want to know your IP address?

Why Should I Safeguard My IP Address When Playing Online Games?

According to security concerns, IP addresses might reveal your general location to hackers (often by country and city) and expose your entire network to DDoS attacks.

Assume you are a terrible online gamer, and a hacker player may take personal offense to your actions. After that, use a tool like OctoSniff to retrieve your public IP address. Then they use this knowledge to flood your IP address with worthless communications traffic. This will temporarily knock your internet down and might also knock you out of the game.

However, as long as you safeguard your IP address and take precautions to stay safe online, you won’t have to deal with such serious issues.

How Does Xresolver Determine Our IP Address While We’re Playing?

OctoSniff is a hacking application that lets the user collect the IP addresses of other users when gaming online, and there are numerous similar tools available on the internet. However, because IP addresses are publicly available online, it is totally possible and legal to obtain anyone’s IP address. This is the reason why users communicate with one another online.

As a result, OctoSniff collects and decrypts all of this information while playing in an online session. Then it’s possible to keep track of which Gamertag relates to which IP address. It may then be put to databases such as xresolver, allowing hackers to target specific gamers or users.

How To Blacklist IP Address From Xresolver

_Blacklisted On Xresolver
_Blacklisted On Xresolver

A simple answer to this question is that you can easily prevent your IP address from XResolver. Removing your IP address from xResolver prevents your Gamertag/Username and IP addresses from reappearing in their databases.

How To Remove The IP address From Xresolver

You will require a VPN to remove your IP address from xresolver. You can also request that your ISP modify your IP address. Avoid suspicious persons and join random games at all costs.

Nonetheless, if you want to block your IP address from xresolver, perform these steps:

  • Go to the Xresolver website and enter your Gamertag into the device. Your IP address should be provided via the gamer tag.
  • Go to OctoSniff and enter your IP address.
  • You must now purchase 500 pints before you can block your IP address.
  • You will receive a key to your message box shortly after purchasing the points. Copy this Xresolver blocking IP link.
  • Click on Redeem the License and then enter the key into the point section and collect your points.
  • Now, navigate to Miscellaneous and scroll down to locate the block option.
  • Enter your IP address in this box and click the block username button.
  • Return to the site, enter your username, and display the validation of the banned IP.

Alternatives of Xresolver

There are many alternatives available for Xresolver. Some of them are as follows:

  • Xboxonebooter
  • LANC PCPS Search
  • Ps4 booter
  • Just gaming.io
  • Bootpeopleoffline

You can use one of these options if you wish not to use Xresolver. We will provide a separate step-by-step guide for each of these tools.

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Is The Use Of Xresolvers Illegal?

The public availability of your IP address is not prohibited; it is public information, not private information. However, if Xreslovers uses your IP address or personal information for malicious purposes, it may be considered as being illegal.

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