Download Bhashyam School App For PC Free And How To Use It?


Covid time is hard for everyone, especially for the students and the educational institutions. The studies and development of the children have decreased due to the communication gap between teachers children and parents.

However, Considering the difficulties, almost all school has opted for digitalization for educational activities.

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Well, Bhashyam Education institution has gone one step ahead and made an app namely Bhasyam to regulate the education-related activities of their students. The app has been launched for parents. 

With the help of the app, parents of the students who study in Bhasyam school could easily monitor the performance of their children by using the app created by the institution. 

Bhashyam School App Dash Board
Bhashyam School App Dash Board

Bhashyam has taken great steps because due to the covid parents have been unable to measure the performance of the children the institution has made it possible.

One will find the app under the education category in the play store and is published by Digiclove on Playstore.

Students can use this app to acquire performance data and the most recent upgrades. This paper is not solely based on academic research. Rather, all activities connected to the curriculum are based on the syllabus.

The Bhashyam School App regularly give information to the parents about the performance and progress of their children daily.

The app also has a feature by which parents can interact with the teacher of their child. Now, if the parents are unable to attend parent meetings, they can easily get all the information through the Bashyam app. 

Bhashyam School App Advantages

  • Latest updates –  The parents will get all the latest updates about their children whether it is related to studies or any other school activity. Additionally, the app also provides the latest performance of the children.  
  • Upcoming Activities- The parents get to know about the upcoming curricular activities plus knowledge of the academics. 
  • No compulsion to attend PTM- Earlier the parents were worried that if they would not attend PTM, they might not get updated about their children’s progress in the school. However, with the help of this app, the parents can monitor the performance of their children even without attending the PTM.

Bhashyam School App Download For Android

If any parent has an Android phone and wishes to download the said app on their phone, then they can easily download it from Playstore. The parents have to follow the following steps:

  1. Open your play store
  2. Type the Bhasyam app on your mobile phone 
  3. After that search by typing Bhashyam on the search bar.
  4. And now you will see the app. Click on the app 
  5. After that click on the download button. 
  6. Once the app is downloaded you can start using it by login into the app.

Bhashyam School App Download For iOS

If you have an iOS or iPhone and wish to download the app, you have to follow the following steps. 

  1. Firstly, you have to visit Apple Appstore.
  2. Net you have to type Bhashyam in School App in the search bar present there.
  3. Once you find the app, click on the app.
  4. Next, you have to click to download the app. Now the app has to be installed in Install iPhone.

Bhashyam School App Download For PC Windows 7/10 & 11

If you wish to download the Bhashyam School on your computer, you must follow the following steps-

  • Firstly, you have to download the Bluestack emulator and install it. 
  • Next, you have to open the app and the app will ask you for your Gmail or Google account. You can simply sync your google id with the app.
  • Next, you will open Playstore in the Bluestack emulator and type Bhashyam School App in the search bar. You will see the app.
  • Next, you can download it by clicking on download.
  • Remember, you have to install the app Published byDigiclove.

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The Latest Version Of Bhashyam Schools’ App & Its Release Date

The latest version of the Bhashyam Schools app is version 2. The Bhashyam School app first came on May 25, 2020. The size of the app is only 5.4M.

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