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If you are in search of the TweakDoor app for your iPhone, then you have reached the right place. We have the best and most updated information regarding the application, and we are more than happy to share it with you. It is common knowledge that most of the apps on iOS are premium, and hardly anything fun is for free.

The TweakDoor app has come to the rescue of all iOS, as it allows you to access various iOS apps for free. If you want to access the premium apps of the iOS for free, then download the Tweakdoor app, and the app is accessible globally. The most enticing feature of the app is that it provides the ease of downloading any app on iOS and that too without paying a single dime.

The app is amongst the very few apps which hold trust for installing all the premium apps on iOS. HiPStore, AppValley, TopStore, and TweakBox are the other ones that are famous and reliable for downloading apps on iOS. We have curated a small presentation for you to follow to download the premium apps. 

What Is TweakDoor?

TweakDoor is one of the most famous third-party iOS app installers that let you download all the emulators, games, apps, screen recorders, and various other services for iPhone and iPad. The app enables you to access and install all the apps which otherwise are not accessible on the official app store.


The store of tweakdoor has a collection of apps and games for all iOS users. You can also access various third-party apps which are not even available on the iOS store but are iOS compatible.


The best feature of the app is that, unlike others, the apps do not require a jailbreak. The app functions just after the installation of the app. The User Interface of the app is also very user-friendly, and the overall user experience is very engaging. The download/installing process is also easy and is readily available for use.


We have also curated the step-wise step procedure for installing the app, which is in the latter part of this article. The app store of Tweakdoor is also having a lot of options for apps, which are developed by third parties. The list of the apps available on the store is updated regularly by the efficient team of TweakDoor.

Another highlight is that the application does not require Apple ID. This facility in the app makes it above par with the rest of the available in the market. The app also does not require any other significant resource from your iPhone.

TweakDoor has no compatibility issues and is in line with all the requirements of the latest iOS. The app is supported on, iOS 9, iOS 10, iOS 11.3, iOS 11.3.1, iOS 11.4, & iOS 12, iOS 12.0.1, iOS 12.1, iOS 13, iOS 13.1, and iOS 13.4. However, the app works most smoothly on iOS 11 and iOS 12. 

TweakDoor Installing Process

The application can be accessed through a simple google search and after downloading the app, just follow the instructions below to install it on your device. However, there is a catch in the process, while downloading the app, you have to use Safari Browser. 

Step 1: Open the Safari Browser on your iPhone

Step 2: Search for the link after searching and download the app using the link.

Step 3: Double click on the file of the setup of the app, a popup window will open, just click on install in that pop-up window.

Step 4: After clicking, the app will begin the installing process from the app store. Once the application is installed, the icon of the TweakDoor app will be reflected on the home screen of your iPhone and/or iPad.

Step 5: After the process of installation is completed, the slight blur icon of the app will kindle itself. Before beginning with the use, open the settings of your phone/iPad and select ‘general’, and go to the ‘profile and device management 

Step 6: Finally after selecting the profile and device management, choose ‘trust the profile’ for the Tweakdoor app. 

Voila! You are now good to go and you can begin using the app. 

How To Use TweakDoor?

The use of the app is easy and is just like all the other web stores. Once you open the store, you will see a list of all the available apps on the store of TweakDoor. Select the app you like and select the ‘get’ button, next to the app you want to install on your device.

However, one thing that is to be taken care of is to choose ‘trust the profile’ of the application, each time you download the app. 

 TweakDoor And Safety

It is normal for all the users to get skeptical regarding the safety of the app, as the App store of iOS also constantly warns against any third-party apps. However, TweakDoor is not one amongst them and you can rely on the credibility of the app.

We say this because the app does not require you to jailbreak, and hence there are little chances of getting exposed to any threats, as you are not bypassing the security system of your phone.

I hope you enjoyed this article, Thank you for reading this.

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