Proudmakatizen Ayuda What Is It Portal About?


To be familiar with the services provided to Makati citizens by the crypto potential, give read the following article. Makati City is the financial, economic, and commercial center in Asia, across the Philipines. It is a famous city located in the metropolitan area. 

The goal of the Proudmakatizen Ayuda Portal is to provide financial assistance through the government with the help of Gcash. We are here to reveal the notes representing the Makatizen Ayuda information. So, read it further to review the content and examine the activities of the Makatizen Proud Ayuda. 

Proudmakatizen Introduction

Proud Makatizen is a portal that is made to help the people of Makati by providing relief facilities to them. Through this open portal, the Makati people can register themselves for the COVID-19 vaccine, vaccine registration for pneumonia, P5K Maka- Tulong, online appointment, Ayuda number update, and Proud Makatizen Ayuda. 


All of the above services are available on the home page of the portal Only Makati City people have the access to such a service. They can also receive a Blue card senior updates and can also register as a MASB merchant. 


Proudmakatizen Portal Services

The following services are provided by the portal for the residents of Makati:

  • Registration for COVID-19 vaccine
  • Registration for Pneumonia vaccine
  • Registration for Accreditation of vaccine
  • Online appointment
  • Ayuda Makati
  • Updation of the Ayuda number
  • Updation of the BluCard senior
  • MASB Merchant registration

Proudmakatizen Ayuda’s About

The Ayuda provides some significant information about aid distribution. Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) has the right to issue the list by the National government. Imagine a resident who has already received some financial assistance through the government with Gcash.

He/she will receive an SMS stating one and will see their name on the list. He/she will then receive beneficiary assistance of P1k 2 guaranteed. The only thing is that they have to check for the activation and correction of the previous receipt stated mobile number and Gcash. 

You can receive the assistance of P1k within 24 hours after the procedure. This assistance will confirm the activation and correction of the Gcash number. 

Proudmakatizen Ayuda Contact Information

If you have any queries regarding Ayuda registration, you may contact me through the following numbers:




After visiting the Ayuda Makati, you have to fill in the last name, first name, and Barangay information, after which you will receive qualified access to the Ayuda Makati. 

Proudmakatizen Other Information

A Makatizen card is also available for the Makatizen. This card will provide you with a Unified ID allowing you to opt for cashless transactions anytime, anywhere.  The card is valid as an ID issued by the government with an NFC feature. The cardholder receives the benefit of getting various financial services through Gcash. 

Proud Makatizen Ayuda is a portal for the Makatizen residents and allows them to enjoy the benefits of the services. You can also track your identity by entering the ID number on the website. It is legit and gives aid services to the citizens. 

All authentic knowledge has been covered here. For more information, visit the official website. For more information, you can visit our site


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