Emma Hernan Net Worth 2022 (UPDATED): Biography, Income, Career And All We Know


Emma Hernan, also known by the name Emma Selling Sunset, is a model, realtor, social media influencer, and entrepreneur from America. She is also the future member of a real estate show series, Sunset Selling Season 4. She has been included as a panel member of the show. 1991 is her birth year, and $3 million is estimated as Emma Hernan’s Net Worth.

Her source of income includes various platforms, especially her own company. Her job as a real estate agent is also contributing a huge amount to it. Her involvement in various ventures like stock markets, cryptocurrency, real estate, and a vegan company is raising her income by a sufficient amount.

She has collected a lot of luxury real estate properties, due to which she has been selected for the panel. To know more about her career, income, and biography, keep scrolling. 

Emma Hernan’s Early Life

Emma Hernan came into this world on 14th July 1991 in a family of businessmen. Her upbringing took place in Massachusetts, and her parents were running a seafood company simultaneously. She loved to help her family to pay the payroll bill by investing in stocks in the seafood company since childhood. 

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Her interest was in real estate, the stock market, and the latest topic, cryptocurrency, has been also added to the list. She began to work at the age of 15.

Emma Hernan’s Career

Emma started working as a teenager by helping her parents in the seafood company. She opted for all sorts of jobs, helping her fund all the expenses like babysitting, working at an ice cream parlor, and modeling. She educated herself about the world of stocks by reading books and watching videos, after which she started investing in stocks at a very young age. Her belief in having multiple sources of income is quite helpful. 

Emma Hernan Net Worth
Emma Hernan Net Worth

She believed and invested in the companies that thought to change the world for betterment. During the COVID-19 pandemic, she launched her company that deals with the production of plant-based frozen food known as the Emma Leigh and Co. She is also an established real estate agent who has many properties in various cities like Boston and Los Angeles. 

She has bought a mansion in Hollywood city recently. Her introduction to the real estate world was done by the Oppenheim brothers. In search of properties, she has visited many open houses from where she met the brothers. They suggested she start a business in real estate after receiving a license. In 2018, she became a part of the Oppenheim group. 

Emma Hernan’s Net Worth And Growth

After developing her career in the real estate world and investing so much in the properties, her net worth is $3 million. Her salary is around $500,000.


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Talking of her Net Worth Growth over the last five years:

In 2018 her net worth was $1 million, which increased to $2 million in 2019. Her development helped to increase it to $2.5 million and then to $2.8 million in 2020 and 2021, respectively. Her net worth finally reached $3 million in the current year. 

Some Latest News

According to the sources, Emma Hernan is all set to enter the well-known real estate show named The Selling Sunset. She is the owner of a lot of properties in various cities and has also bought a mansion in Hollywood City. She informed the audience about the appearance on her Instagram handle and mentioned her excitement to appear in the show. 

Emma Hernan’s Personal Life

Emma supports her hobbies very much. She never misses an opportunity of hiking and cooking. She believes cooking to be therapeutic. Her family resides in Boston, where she visits often. She loves her dog and is always ready to get along with her co-stars and colleagues. She takes her health very seriously and performs yoga often. 

Currently, the audience is quite excited to watch her show. You should have a look at it once. Thank you for reading this article.

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