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The rich, rather the super-rich, have always invited the interest and intrigues of the people, the same is the case with Bill Hwang. Lately, he has been in the news for not-so-good reasons, and we will have a look at who he is and what is Bill Hwang’s Net Worth. Hwang is an investor of Korean descent, a Korean-American, who had humble beginnings.

He currently lives in New York City and is in the NEWS for losing $20 billion recently. The current worth of Hwang is $10 billion after the loss of the $20 billion. Hwang is a famous and known face on wall street and the community of investors. The herculean loss aforementioned has brought losses to the Bankers like Nomura, Credit Suisse, etc.

this burden of loss has been passed on to the other investors and the bank clients. Hwang is now facing federal charges of fraud and racketeering by the Federal Government in this $20 billion loss case. Patrick Halligan is also facing charges under the relevant laws. So far, it is known to everyone that the fraud is a part of the fallout of the duo from the family office.

This loss of money is in deep pockets with this fallout, and the same is under investigation at the war level. It is found during the investigation that Archegos was used by Hwang, to manipulate the market and commit this alleged fraud. Hwang’s own company is in deep waters now, along with the banks, and other financial institutions that Hwang was associated with. 

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Both, Hwang and Patrick, are charged with crimes of high financial gravity, which include racketeering conspiracy, wire fraud, and fraud of security. One of the top corporate attorneys in Manhattan said that Archego was used in bad faith, which is evident from the fact that the portfolio of Archego company skyrocketed from $1.5 billion to a whopping $35 billion, and the company received unprecedented cash flow. 

Hwang is in the center of the universe of all the financial fraud agencies and is investigated thoroughly. We have also done some research on the past of Mr. Hwang and his career. So, sit back while we give you a short and informative tour. 

Bill Hwang Early Life

Hwang is a UCLA Graduate and holds a degree in economics. Hwang went on to increase his credentials and earned himself a degree in MBA from the Carnegie Melon university at Tepper School of Business. Hwang is not known just for his ill deeds, his most famous achievement is considered to be in laying the foundation stone for Grace and Mercy Foundation, which helps the poor and needy. 

Bill Hwang Net Worth
Bill Hwang’s Net Worth

The foundation has a sum of US$500 million, and the said figure was in 2018. Hwang has his office in the very middle of Manhattan.

Bill Hwang Career

Hwang began his career from the humble shadows, and Hyundai Securities was his first office in New York City. From Hyundai securities, he went on to work for Peregrine, and he worked here for quite a while.

Hwang later started working for Tiger Management, Hwang, was offered a sum of $25 Million to begin his fund after Julian(Hwang met him during his employment with Peregine) closed his hedge fund. Hwang opened Tiger Asia Management as the new hedge fund with the $25 million. Hwang led Tiger Asia Management to unprecedented heights and made it a $5 billion hedge fund.

However, the fund lost a  sum during the great recession, and this is what we think laid the foundation of the alleged fraud of which Mr. Hwang is facing charges. The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission received a  sum of $44 million from Tiger Asia Management and Hwang in 2012, as they misappropriated the inside knowledge and applied that to trade stocks. 

It is not the first time that Hwang, is accused of dishonest trading, Hwang, in 2014, got banned from trading in Hong Kong for four years owing to a crime that he committed there. In 2012, Hwang came up with a new strategy and opened a family office by the name Archegos Capital Management. $10 billion were put into the family office.

We call it a diversion as, being a family office, Archegos did not have to follow the strict norms as that of a hedge fund. The family office managed all of the cash Hwang, and things were going smooth, but in 2021, Archegos incurred huge losses, and this caused a default of $30 bn.

It caused a ripple effect and big bankers like Nomura, Credit Suisse, Goldman Sachs, and Morgan Stanley suffered huge losses, and the alleged fraud came to light. The company has invested money in companies like Viacom CBS, Farfetch, etc. The loss was so huge that the biggies like Credit Suisse had to close their main business of broking. At present, Hwang’s net worth is $10 bn, which is after losing the sum of $20 bn.

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