Clicks Genie: How To Earn Money With This Site? UPDATED


So today, there is no need to wait and no need for any investment whatever. We’re going to talk about an app Clicks Genie that allows us to earn money in dollars without having to put any money up ourselves. However, there is a snag.

What’s this? It’s only because of one difficulty that people quit up and think it isn’t working that they do. As a result, we’ll talk about how to fix that problem here. It is called “Clicks Genie” in this context. So, we’ll be making money from after all.

What Is Clicks Genie?

On average, 6,753 unique users visit each day, which generates a total of 64,151 page views for the site. has a worth of $1,124,784 USD on the web. The average number of page views per visitor is 10.17. This website is ranked 814th in the world by Alexa’s traffic estimations, while India is its top source of visits, taking 11,505th place. is a top-level domain registered under the.COM extension. See what other.COM domains are out there. has an expired SSL certificate provided by Sectigo Limited, according to the most recent verification findings, which were obtained on (November 28, 2019). (expired on June 15, 2021).


SSL Information may be accessed by clicking the “Refresh” button under the Safety Information section. View the list of sites that use Sectigo Limited’s SSL certificates. It’s safe to use according to Google Safe Browsing and Symantec’s assessment

Using the Google mobile-friendly test, shows that it is not mobile or tablet-friendly at all! To ensure that all of your web pages work effectively on any device, you should design them to be mobile-friendly.

How To Earn Money With Clicks Genie?

With Clicksgenie, you may make money from individuals you know by introducing them to the affiliate program. This is the fundamental principle behind it. If you want individuals to join your affiliate program, all you have to do is send them emails with your link in them. You get compensated when they join.

Clicks Genie
Clicks Genie

This tool has the benefit of allowing you to earn money even if you are not in front of a computer. All of your email and referral earnings will remain secure as long as you can read and respond to them.

Let’s Discuss The Whole Process In Steps

To begin, visit and create an account. To register, all you need is a valid email address, such as a Yahoo one. You’ll receive an activation link in your Gmail account once you’ve created a user account. Only your account will be activated if you click on the activation link. However, the procedure is far from being finished.

Following the activation of their account, many users encounter difficulties, such as being unable to locate their account, or their account not operating properly, for example. This is the most prevalent and most serious issue that individuals confront. That second email was sent by Clicks Genie and you didn’t detect it.

Within a few minutes of clicking on an activation link, you will get an email with instructions on what to do next. Problem is, that they instructed me to click on the three dots after activation to add Clicks Genie to my contact list. There’s no way to access this feature by clicking on the three dots. So, how do you add Clicks Genie to your contact list? ‘

This is the answer to a frequent problem. Contacts may be accessed by just clicking on Google Apps. Create a new contact by selecting the Contacts tab. You’ll then see a box on your screen where you’ll need to enter your name and email address. You don’t need to provide any additional information.

Questions arise as to how you would obtain Clicks Genie’s Email Id. I don’t think it’s a big deal. If you get an activation email from Clicks Genie, you’ll see their official email address there. You must write “Clicks” in the first name and “Genie” in the second name. After that, press the save button.

You’ll begin receiving emails from Clicks Genie as soon as you add them to your contact list. You may make money in dollars by just clicking on emails. It’s a simple method that yields excellent results. Some have questioned whether or not this webpage is legitimate. Nothing on this website is a hoax. On top of that, you’ll find some evidence on these websites. This website is a must-see if you want to make money online.

Advantage Of Clicks Genie

Clicksgenie has no restriction on the number of recommendations you may acquire, which is one of its finest features. If you can suggest more than one individual, you can earn a substantial sum of money. There is no initial investment required for this program. The payout rate can also be customized by you.

It’s possible to make money with clicks genie using these features and the low minimum payout. Thank you for reading this article.

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