Below Deck Season 10: Is It Officially Confirmed or Not?


Yachts have always been an object of fantasy for all those who know it. The people are fascinated by the luxury, the life on board, and all other things about a yacht. People have just imagined life on a yacht or have seen it in films. But in 2013, Rebecca Taylor Henning, a yachtie herself, came up with the show ”Below Deck”.

She is currently the producer of this reality drama and got the idea for the show during one of her vacations. The show, since its beginning, has received the attention of the critics and the love of the fans. The fans have been religiously following the show, and the shower of love has not decreased a bit for the last nine seasons. The cast includes the deckhand crew, the stewards, and a chef, with some helpers. 

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The show features various high-profile guests joining the crew on board as guests. Crew addresses and looks after the needs and wishes of the guests onboard. The show is full of drama and emotion and is shot around the globe. The show features one of the most beautiful destinations present around the world.

The show has a dedicated fan base, and since the ninth season has concluded, the fans are eagerly waiting for the news of the tenth season. We are here for the rescue of you. We have curated a short informative tour for you, so fasten up your seatbelts and enjoy the ride. 

Below Deck Season 10 Release Date

Below Deck Season 10
Below Deck Season 10

The producers of the show have not yet announced the exact release dates of the show and have not even confirmed whether there will be the tenth season or not? But we will make some intelligent guesses, as the show is one of the most viewed shows on Bravo. It has almost become a staple for the network channel. The show is so popular that five spin-offs have the same theme of the show.

The cast of the show has also made it an adventurous journey, and most of them are in no mood to leave the show.

Hence, we believe that the show will return for the tenth season. The show is in its full glory and is a commercial success. The show has a lot of scope in the storyline. The show happens to be the star of the broadcasting network, and above all, it is famous amongst the masses. The fourth episode of the ninth season garnered over 1.3 million viewers. Hence there exists no reason for the makers to discontinue this money-making show.

The series has a rich history of short filming duration, and the time between the release and the shoot is also not much. Nearly all the seasons of the series have finished their shooting within six weeks. The show begins its shooting towards the mid of February and continues till the end of March.

Since a new spin-off by the name ‘Below Deck adventure is also on the channel, the original one is going to get delayed by some months. We anticipate that this delay will not be beyond a year and the tenth season will premiere in the mid of 2023.

Below Is The Deck Plot

The series is a reality show and hence the tenth season is going to be more or less along the same lines as in the previous nine seasons. However, we might witness the changes in the location and the guests. The cast will also be renewed as most of the leads like Kate Chastain have left the show. The tenth installment of the series is most likely to have 15 episodes with a runtime of 42 minutes each. 

The series has given some of the most dramatic scenes in the history of teledrama. The kisses, the under deck arrangements. Fights and altercations with the guests and whatnot. The show is a mine of entertainment and the entertainment is not going to finish in near future. 

Below Deck Season 10 Cast

The makers of the show have not made any official announcement regarding the show or its cast but from the looks of it, we might see the following cast:

  • Chef Rachel Hargrove 
  • Bosun 
  • Eddie Lucas 
  • Chief Stewardess might not return for the tenth season and hence we might see her replacement.
  • Captain Lee Rosbach was missing in the ninth season and hence we expect that he will either return or will again have a replacement.

Below Deck Season 10 Trailer

As we said that the tenth season is not yet confirmed. Hence the trailer or a teaser of the tenth season is not out yet. However, once the teaser gets released, we will do its critical analysis and breakdown here. 

We have our sources around and we have our ears to the ground. We will be in constant search of any update on the tenth season and will be updating the same in this space. So, keep checking this space for all future updates. 

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