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Gone are those days when people were just concerned about their appearance and overall appeal. Mobile phones have taken over the lives of humans and have become part of their status symbol. The covers, the screens saver, wallpapers, ringtones, people want to stand out from the crowd by using various visual and phonetic appeals.

In the present day, we depend a lot on our phones, and hence we need to treat our phones right. The market is full of apps and technology that will make your phone appealing, even from the software point of view. One such app is caller skull, the app guaranteed to make your usage of the device a more engaging and blissful experience.

The app offers various features as part of its interface, and the overall interface of the application is very promising. The app is receiving positive reviews and appreciation from the users. The scope of the app is not limited to wallpapers or screensavers, but it extends to surfing and browsing. The application provides a theme-based surfing feature that will make the surfing very engaging.

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The app provides you with the facility of customizing your phone entirely and makes you feel like having a new phone with every change. The application has various themes to choose from, and personalize your phone to many themes. 

Caller Skull
Caller Skull

Once you change the looks of your phone via this app, you will get noticed and asked by the people. We have prepared a short and informative tour for you, so sit tight while we show you around. 

Caller Skull Specifications And Requirements

The app belongs to the category of a TV app and was created by Plox Systech tech. The app is  1.0 as its latest version, and the size of the disk of the app will be 15.2 MB. The application premiered on 22nd October 2020. The minimum requirement of the application is that the Android should not be below 4.0. 

Caller Skull Highlights

The app provides the users with the option of personalizing their phones according to their whims and wishes. The app removes the obstacle of limited software appearances and modifications. The app has numerous options to choose from and has loads of themes and personalizations.

The app has this unique feature of identification of the caller, this feature allows you to know the details of the person calling you and the place of call also. The app is also having this unique feature of using the least amount of power, that is the app can work even when the battery is about to drain out completely. 

The application is also having this unique feature of personalizing the caller screen and the caller pattern. You can choose from various themes and experience an altogether new and appealing dress on your phone. The user interface of the application is designed in such a way that even the most tech ignorant people could use it.

The application blends up with the interface of the phones seamlessly. The application is absolutely free and does not require any other purchases for use, just download the application, and you are good to go. The application overall is a great experience and offers experiences that are a class apart. The application offers a lot and is a holy grail in the breed of additional getup apps for your android phone.

The user interface, which is both tech-friendly and user-friendly, makes it a unique experience. The least amount of energy consumption is one other feature that makes it a practical experience.  

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