The Politician Season 3: Has Netflix Renewed or Cancelled This Series in 2022?


Ryan Murphy’s comedy-drama series The Politician premiered its second season on Netflix more than a year ago. We’re sorry to break the news that the show will not be returning. It’s in a state of limbo, but we don’t expect it to return anytime soon.

When it comes to 20th Television and Ryan Murphy, this is the second of his shows to be available on Netflix. Although Netflix hasn’t confirmed it, the second season of The Politician has not been formally renewed. Due to its fierce bidding battle, it was sold to Netflix with a two-season order upfront.

Netflix received a slew of award nominations, including five Primetime Emmy nods, for the series. The series has a good IMDb score of 7.5, but it is only based on reviews from 19k people.

Season 2 was released in March 2020, following the presentation of the top 10 features. Despite spending 23 days in the top 10 in Russia and Ukraine, the series only spent six days in the US top 10.

 The Politician Season 3 Storyline

Netflix has yet to release an overview of the third season of The Politician. A lot closer to the premiere of the new season, the official storyline information is not likely to be published.

Payton’s campaign for the vice presidency with Dede Standish will be the focus of season three, based on the cliffhanger from the second season’s finale. She intends to leave the presidency after one term so that Dede can run with Hobart’s successor as her running companion.

In Season 3, Payton would also be mixing his newlywed life with his political aspirations. On top of that, it was also revealed that McAfee had a two-year time leap with an unknown individual. With Payton’s presidential campaign set to begin in Season 3, it will be interesting to watch where the show goes from here.

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The Politician Season 3 Interesting Cast

Platt and Deutch are almost set to reprise their roles as Payton Hobart and his right-hand woman Infinity Jackson, respectively. For the roles of Astrid Sloan, Georgina Hobart, Laura Dreyfuss, and Skye Leighton, we’ve cast Lucy Boynton and Rahne Jones. Judith Light portrays Dede Standish, while Bette Midler portrays Hadassah Gold. There is still a strong desire among fans for Jessica Lange to return for Season 3 despite her lack of appearances in Season 2.

The Politician Season 3
The Politician Season 3

The Politician Season 3: Is Renewed or Canceled?

Are we going to be seeing a third season of The Politician in the near future? However, it hasn’t been canceled yet, so we don’t know for sure yet. We’ll have to wait a few years for the creators to give us a definitive answer. That is, in fact, what you read. There will be only one more season after this one. Every member of the ensemble has moved on to new endeavors, several of which are with Netflix. This means that The Politician Season 3 will be released in the latter half of 2022 at the earliest.

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The Politician Season 3 Trailer

Because the third season of Politician has not yet been ordered or shot, the trailer has yet to be released. We’ll release the trailer as soon as it’s available. Let’s have a look at the season 2 trailer.

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