Daybreak Season 2 Possible Release Date Status & Everything You Need to Know


Daybreak is a Netflix series that provided the apocalypse with a sense of playfulness after being premiered in 2019. The first season of The Walking Dead was an outstanding mixture of comedy-drama and post-apocalyptic horror. 

The show became extremely popular among the audience. Fans have the desire to watch the second season of Daybreak. However, Netflix has already decided not to take the series further. So, does the series have any future? Are they going to take it further? To answer such questions, you need to take a look over here. 

Daybreak is a dark comedy web series based on a post-apocalyptic situation. It was produced in the United States and created by Brad Peyton and Aron Eli Coleite. It is an adaptation of a comic series named Daybreak written by Brian Ralph that got published in the same year.

The first season premiered in October 2019 and covered around ten episodes. However, the fans are unsatisfied with this small amount of matter. They loved the series so much that they want more of it. Fans are waiting for more episodes to broadcast.

Daybreak Season 2
Daybreak Season 2

Daybreak Season 2 Renewal

The first season of Daybreak got launched in October. Netflix announced the cancelation of the show in December. This news was devastating for the fans as they were eagerly waiting for it to arrive. 

However, the streaming giant has not mentioned any reason for the cancelation. According to the experts, Daybreak failed to attract a significant audience, due to which it was canceled. 

Daybreak’s story is fascinating and has the potential to become one of the most famous series on television. However, it didn’t receive the opportunity to do so. The makers were also disappointed with the decision. 

After the cancelation, Aaron Coleite shared a brief message on social media. The caption mentioned that he has prepared a small message for all the supporters. You can have a look at the tweet. 

You can also consider:

Daybreak Premise

Josh Wheeler is the protagonist, who is a seventeen years old high schoolboy. He is an outcast from a Canadian high school.

Sam Dean is his missing girlfriend. She is British and is on the run from authorities. Glendale, California, is a place that was devastated by the apocalypse. From here, he continues his hunt, and a motley crew of misfits joins him soon. 

Josh and the crew try to survive in the post-apocalyptic circumstances along with the cheerleaders. Cheerleaders are now transformed into Amazonian warriors, zombie-like beasts, and evil Baron Triumph. 

Daybreak Season 2 Future:

Fans are expecting Netflix to change its decision regarding the non-renewal of Daybreak. On the other hand, Netflix has been shuttered for approximately two years. Therefore, it is doubtful that the streaming behemoth will allow the revival. 

At this time, there are few chances that Netflix will revive the series for a second season. Once the renewal confirms, we will expect the release date soon. 

Season 2 has been canceled, but the audience has not given up on the faith. They are still thinking that what will happen if the show receives a release date. Due to the presence of so many twists and turns in the previous season, fans are expecting more from it.

We assumed the conclusion right after the failure of Principal Burr’s plan and after launching the nuclear bomb into space. While celebrating the winning, Josh puts forward his feeling for Sam once again. However, Sam rejects the proposal. In the end, it is revealed that Sam is the villain. But the audience will never be able to watch her transformation because there will be no Season 2. 

If season 2existed, it would probably be focused on the new societal dynamics that came into existence due to accession to the throne by Sam. Her ascension had the presence of a sinister ring, and her rule would also not be kind. 

Talking of the character development, season 2 would also explore the terms of Josh that his idea about Sam was wrong. He assumed her to as a damsel in distress but didn’t know her as a person. Josh needs to learn things faster and better to be able to survive the apocalypse. 

Daybreak Season one has received a rating of 6.7 out of 10 on IMDb. It received 13,999 user votes. 

We will update the section as soon as information will come out about its renewal. Until then, keep watching Daybreak Season 1.

Daybreak Season 2 Trailer

For now, there is not any official trailer for season 2. Yet, You can watch season 1 trailer.


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