Dream Raiders Season 2 Release Date: Renewed or Canceled?


We have always desired to be someone’s dream or be in it. Not everyone, but we are more captivated by what newborns and cats dream about than adults. I cannot tell you how you can do this, but I can recommend a show that will help you understand how it feels to be in someone’s dream.

Yes, we will discuss a Taiwanese hit show, Dream Raider. 

Dream Raider is the production of HBO Asia, which premiered in Asia in August 2020. Later in February 2022, it also aired in the United States on HBO Max. The plot is in a near-futuristic future, and “Dream Raider” portrays an unconventional crew of cops and scientists who are desperate to unearth the truth about a scheme to acquire control of human consciousness. The show opens with cops investigating the disappearance of two young girls. Then they unravel the riddle of a cutting-edge technology that allows them to explore other people’s dreamscapes in search of the truth.

Dream Raiders garnered overwhelmingly favorable reviews from critics and spectators alike, with praise focusing on the film’s captivating narrative, outstanding production design, and stellar acting. Viewers of the show and fans of the science-fiction genre will be looking forward to the show’s second season, which follows an incredible first season. 

I have put all the news and information on the show’s renewal or cancellation here. If you have questions like when is Dream Raider season 2 returning or what is the plot of Dream Raider season 2, then stop looking and start reading. Read the entire article to learn when Dream Raider Season 2 will be released.

Dream Raiders Season 2
Dream Raiders Season 2

Dream Raiders Season 2 Release Date

Dream Raiders premiered in August 2020 on HBO Asia and on 17th February on HBO Max in the United States of America. It had eight fantastic episodes, and each ran for 45 minutes. It has been two years since the first season was released, and fans have begun to worry if they will ever see a new season of Dream Raiders.

Here is everything we know about the release of the second season of Dream Raiders. Sadly, HBO Asia or HBO Max have not yet issued any official statement on the renewal of Dream Raider for season two. However, the return of this Taiwanese sci-fi series is possible as the ending of season one left many loose ends. The first season also throws various unsolved issues about the destinies of the key characters, such as Li Xiao and An-prospective relationship with Ya.

According to Ellen Wu, a core member of the cast, the series has enormous potential for a second installment. Following the series Asian premiere, the actress stated a desire for her character’s relationship with her father to be explored more in the future. If the series can replicate its popularity in the United States, as it has in Asia, and also attracts a sizable audience on HBO Max, the choice to extend the series might become a no-brainer.

If the series ever gets renewed, we can expect season 2 of Dream Raider to premiere in the first quarter of 2023. For any news and update on Dream Raiders season 2, keep an eye on our page. We update it regularly.

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Dream Raiders Season 2 plot

The first season of Dream Riders ends with an unexpected twist as Qi-Feng attempts but fails to open the portal to the Abyss of Consciousness in order for his wife Li-An to return to the real world, but is unsuccessful. 

The scientist miserably fails while collecting nerve impulses from hundreds of people to complete his experiment, and his efforts culminate in his death as a result of his failure.

Feng’s Cheng seeks reconciliation with An-Ya after learning of Qi-death, allowing the neural engineer to leave the Abyss and rejoin the real world. And on one side, Li-An has decided to stay in the Abyss.

While the father and daughter are enjoying their time together, Li Xiao bids farewell to his daughter, who is to leave on a trip to Singapore with Li’s ex-wife and her new partner. Li-An returns to the real world after closing her eyes, signaling her return to the show’s conclusion.

If the show returns for a new season, it may ultimately reveal whether or not Li-An has genuinely returned to the real world. And if she does, we may expect to learn more about the reasons for Li-changing An’s change of heart during her likely sophomore season. An-Ya may meet Li Xiao in the future, who is struggling with the loss of his daughter. Now that the truth about Qi-fake Feng’s death is out, Cheng will be able to spend more time with his daughter and less time in prison.

Furthermore, we can expect the trio of Cheng, An-Ya, and Li Xiao to continue using dream raiding technology to solve murky crimes in a possible second season of the show.

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Dream Raiders Season 2 Cast

Though the cast of season 2 is not revealed yet, if it ever comes out, then the return of the trio Shih-Sian Wang (Cheng Tian-Li), Weber Yang (Li Xiao), and Ellen Wu (Cheng Tian-Li) are a given. Another cast of season 2 of Dream Raiders may include:

  • Aggie Hsieh as Che Na
  •  Cheng-Chun Chung as Xie Xiao-Yu
  •  Bella Wu as Li Ke
  • Vivian Hsu as Li-An

Dream Raiders Season 2 Trailer

Sadly, there is no trailer available for season 2 of Dream Raiders. But whenever it comes out, we will be the first to inform you. Until then, you can watch season one of Dream Raiders. 

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