My Hero Academia Chapter 350 Release Date Status & Spoilers!


The overwhelming majority of manga readers will most likely be reading multiple ongoing series, bouncing between them with each new release.

Yet, it’s been a while since all of the top manga series issued new chapters on the same week or weekend, with Jujutsu Kaisen, One Piece, and Tokyo Revengers all having untimely hiatuses in recent months.

My Hero Academia had a break last week, with the release of Chapter 350 being postponed both locally in Japan and overseas.

The long-awaited clash between the two fire brethren, Dabi and Shoto, is about to commence, making fans eager for the next chapter of the My Hero Academia manga. So, let’s go through everything you need to know about My Hero Academia Chapter 350. We will have an in-depth discussion about the release date, spoilers, and all the raw scans leaks of this upcoming chapter of the hit manga series.

But before we do that, let us get done with the breakdown of Boku no Hero Academia chapter 349. Every manga fan who follows the series is overjoyed with the latest development in the manga series. In Kamino, Dabi summons a fire tornado and is faced by Shoto and the Flaming Sidekickers, who express their wish to be present of their own free will. As his flesh starts to come off his body, he prepares to tell Shoto the truth about how he survived. This looks like an intriguing manga to us. What about you?

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My Hero Academia Chapter 350 Release Date

Raw photos and plot data from My Hero Academia Chapter 350 are now available in the public domain. And the most anticipated part of the manga will be revealed in this chapter.

The manga series My Hero Academia took a break from its regular schedule last week, but now the question is, when will chapter 350 be released worldwide? Due to this sabbatical, the domestic and international releases of chapter 350 were delayed.

The production staff makes it a point to take regular breaks from the hectic schedule of delivering weekly material. This not only allows the crew to take well-deserved holidays but also allows them to maintain the quality of their writing and illustrations before important events are published.

My Hero Academia Chapter 350
My Hero Academia Chapter 350

Viz Media(a manga series page) made it official that the My Hero Academia chapter 350 will release worldwide this Sunday on 10th April 2022. The chapter will be available at the following international times, according to Manga Plus. Readers in the United Kingdom and continental Europe should be aware that daylight savings time began two weeks ago, causing the ‘usual’ launch time to be significantly altered:

  • Pacific Daylight Time: 8.00 AM
  • Central Daylight Time: 10.00 AM
  • Eastern Daylight Time: 11.00 AM
  • British Summer Time: 4.00 PM
  • Central European Summer Time: 5.00 PM
  • Indian Standard Time: 8.30 PM
  • Philippine Time: 11.00 PM
  • Australian Central Daylight Time: 01.30 AM, 11th April

My Hero Academia chapter 350 will be publicly available for free reading on Manga Plus, Viz, and the Shonen Jump App.

My Hero Academia Chapter 350 Plot

My Hero Academia chapter 350 will release by the end of the week instead of the previously announced break. The previous episode ended on the eve of Dabi’s “villain origin story,” as the fanbase has termed it, so the sabbatical was only to heighten the suspense. 

While fans were already familiar with Toya Todoroki’s tragic past, Horikoshi has revealed relatively little about what happened to him following his presumed death at Sekoto Peak. My Hero Academia chapter 350 is supposed to provide an answer.

The upcoming episode of Hero Academia will begin with the Gorilla cop heading to the cell only to discover that Doctor Garaki has gone insane. The chapter then transitions to a flashback sequence from Touya’s past.

At the moment, the little youngster had virtually given up on proving his abilities to his father. All For One appeared in front of him at this point. He was sent to the hospital, where he remained unconscious for three years.

It was, however, too late to return home. The doctor informs him that there is no other option for him. The episode will then return to the present, with Dabi stating that he saw his burial when he returned home.

The doctor then explains that a flame is a form of energy that gives birth to life. But, because Dabi had grown to despise his father, his fires only brought death. My Hero Academia Chapter 350 will conclude with Shoto declaring that he will not allow his brother to do whatever he wants.

My Hero Academia Chapter 349 Recap

This chapter of My Hero Academia started with Izuku Midoriya thinking about reaching Shigaraki before he could act. At this point, he was flying across the ocean in the eighth OFA’s “Float.” Midoriya hesitated using Faux at full strength because it would injure him. Froppy was relieved that Izuku was able to flee the fight because he could not have handled Himiko on his alone. On the other hand, Himiko gave up all of her ambitions to win Izuku. She also departed the villains’ team as a result of her action.

The heroes attempted to reach Todoroki because he was the only one who could conceivably get close to the flames. Todoroki tries to convince Dabi near the end of the chapter that he may always return home.


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