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Gilbert, an outcast aardvark, is the reluctant leader of a ragtag bunch of odd animals who must be led to the magnificent ark before the impending deluge… Gilbert realizes that in a world of “twos,” he was genuinely destined to be “the one” as they overcome a series of surprising difficulties.

The Ark Storyline

When it is time for the animals to board Noah’s Ark, an aardvark named Gilbert is given the job of shepherding them all. As an outcast aardvark becomes the reluctant leader of an unlikely band of misfit animals in this animal-centric tale. Gilbert, an outcast aardvark, is the reluctant leader of a ragtag bunch of odd animals who must be led to the magnificent ark before the impending deluge… During their voyage, they work together to overcome unexpected hurdles, and Gilbert discovers within himself the inner power and creativity to prove that he was genuinely destined to be “the one” in a world of “twos”.

The Ark
The Ark

The Ark Characters

Aubrey Plaza

Her real name is Aubrey Christina Plaza, and she was born on June 26, 1984. She began her career at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater, where she performed improv and sketch comedy. Prior to appearing in Legion, she was best known as April Ludgate on the NBC sitcom Parks and Recreation (2009–2015).

Jenny Slate

Actress, comedian, and novelist Jenny Sarah Slate (born March 25, 1982) Slate grew up in Milton, Massachusetts, went to Milton Academy, and then Columbia University, where she majored in literature and got engaged in the improv and comedy scene. She now lives in New York City. Gabe Liedman was her co-worker.

Other members:

The Ark Release Date

On April 30, 2023, it is slated to be released (United States). The theatrical release was initially scheduled for April 30, 2023. (United States). OTT Platforms have yet to offer it.

The Ark Production Details

Noah’s Ark, a $35 million computer-animated film by Unified Pictures and Philip LaZebnik’s screenplay and ElectroAge’s animation, was announced. Cameron Hood was hired as a co-director in March 2013 by the studio, which engaged Kung Fu Panda’s director John Stevenson to oversee creative work on the picture. It was then claimed that Stevenson had been engaged to helm the picture, which had been written by LaZebnik and Glen Dolman.  When Miles Teller was cast as Gilbert in The Ark and the Aardvark on October 3, 2016, it was announced that Keith Kjarval and Kurt Rauer would produce the picture.

The film’s production began in Los Angeles in October of that year. The animation was handled by the Vancouver-based Stellar Creative Lab and the Hannover-based Ambient Entertainment.

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