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Summertime is an Italian television drama series that tells the tale of young adult romance. The show follows the lifestyles of two opposite personalities, one who is exceedingly introverted and one who is overly extroverted.

Season one of Summertime aired on Netflix on 29th April 2020. Season two rolled out on 3rd June 2021 and following this quick succession, Summertime season 3 is inching towards its release.

This Italian TV drama is developed by Mirko Cetrangolo & Anita Rivaroli.

And is being directed by the team of Francesco Lagi & Lorenzo Sportiello. The show has been shot in Italy, and as the name suggests, it captures the beautiful city of Italy in the summertime. It captures all the sunny beaches and the beautiful sights of Italy. All we are trying to say is that the cinematography of this show is top-notch, all thanks to Federico Schlatter.

When the series had come out on Netflix, it received high regard from its viewers and was held with high acclaim amongst critics. And this all was possible because of the way it was directed.

It had an exquisite story-telling capability, an extensive cinema appeal, and an easy-to-break story. Summertime was an instant hit, owing primarily to the simplicity with which the characters’ teen life was described. This helped a lot in character building.

Season 3 of this fantastic is about to release on Netflix, so let’s just gather everything to learn about it.

Summertime Season 3 Release Date

Summertime season one was released on 29th April 2019, and the second season came out on 3rd June 2020. Each season had eight episodes, and each episode was 45 minutes long.

Now, after seeing the trend of the release dater of previous seasons, Summertime season 3 should be out by now. But nothing of the sort has happened, and the showrunners have made no official announcements about the release date of the third season. 

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But we expect that the third installment of the show would release around winter this year on Netflix.

If we receive any new information about the release date of Summertime’s third season, we will post it here. So keep coming back for regular updates on Summertime season 3. 

Summertime Season 3 Plot

The story of Summertime follows the life of two characters who are entirely different in personalities. One is Ale, a full motorhead and well-known rider from Rome. He has taken a break from his professional career due to an incident that nearly killed him.

Summer is a gifted young woman who is overly introverted. She despises the summer and works at The Grand Hotel Cesenatico to help her mother financially. In season one, Ale met Summer, and they fell in love. Their story continues in season one with two best friends of Summer.

The second season marks the separation of Summer from her parents, along with Sofia confessing her feelings for Summer. You could also witness how Summer and Ale get back together after their breakup in the previous season.

Many things happened back to back in season two that made the ending highly speculative. The second installment of this franchise ended on a cliffhanger, and its fans are expecting answers in the third season. 

So, what can we expect from Season 3 of Summertime? Will Summer and Ale now be together? Did Sofia have to deal with summer following her confession? As of now, no claims can be made about the plot of Summertime season 3 as there are no official reports disclosing anything of the kind. 

But we believe that Giulia will make a comeback this season. We’ll have to wait and see if Edo decides to go to Hamburg. Season 3 will also contain information about Lola’s health condition after she was severely injured.

Summertime Season 3
Summertime Season 3

The third season will continue the story of all the characters on the show. And we will see how their lives turn out after they have been through so much.

We can also expect Netflix to renew the show for a fourth season if the third season is well-received.

Summertime Season 3 Cast

If you’ve made it this far reading this article by now, you must’ve known that there is no official announcement or report that would tell anything about the cast of the upcoming season of Summertime.

However, we may still expect the show’s core characters to appear in the third season.

In season three of Summertime, we will see Coco Rebecca Edogamhe playing the role of our female protagonist, summer. Ludovico Tersigni will be in the third season playing the role of Alessandro Alba, aka Ale.  

Because several characters were renewed for the forthcoming season, the cast will not be the same as in the previous season. But still, we can expect other main characters like Alice Ann Edogamhe, Giovanni Maini, Andrea Lattanzi, Thony, and Amanda Campana to be present in Summertime season 3. 

Season 3’s production is yet to start, so we cannot be utterly sure about the third season cast. Before providing you with more of our speculation, we will wait till there comes an official announcement about Summertime season 3. We will come up with the confirmed news for the summertime season 3 very soon as the fans are much awaited.

Summertime Season 3 Trailer

Sadly there is no trailer for the third season of Summertime. In the meantime, you can watch the two seasons of Summertime on Netflix as it would help you to refresh the entire story. 

Watch the show when it releases and tell us how you felt about it. 


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