Married At First Sight Season 15 Release Date: Renewed or Cancelled?


Lately, the producers of reality shows are coming up with some of the most innovative concepts, and we are seeing an increase in creativity levels. One such show that began in July 2014 also happened to have an innovative concept, and fans have also accepted it.

The show features a cast that by assessing various elements in the psyche of people analyzes compatibility. Two people who have never seen each other and who have never heard of respective names are made to get married. The team is responsible for making this couple thing work analyze many factors before finally making things locked for the couple.

The fame of the show can be manifested by the fact that the show is currently planning its fifteenth season. However, things are not good with the fourteenth as the fans seem to be lacking interest in the same.

There are many reasons for the show to have this death of interest amongst the fans. In this post, we analyze the reasons for the same and other aspects that led to the rise of the show. So at tight while we shower various details on you about Married at first sight including its status. 

The show is an adaptation of the Danish web series Ved Forste Blik. The show currently has a humongous on-screen run time i.e. 1 hour 23 minutes for each episode. The show has a total of 209 episodes.

The show so far has been successful in making 14 couples. The couple-making process involves various scientific and psychological facts and figures that the team applies. The thrill in the show lies in the fact that two single people who have never seen each other come together as a married couple. 

The show involves a very much real and legally binding marriage. Many of the couples featured on the show are now parents and living happily. 

Married At First Sight Season 15
Married At First Sight Season 15

Will There Be a Married at First Sight Season 15?

The show, however, has now lost its touch, and the fans are now baling on the show. There are many reasons for the same including the show. It is going far off the path that it was treading initially.

In the initial seasons of the show, the couples were the center of focus. Lately, the emotional tantrums of the cast members, the ones who applied the compatibility, have taken over as the center of focus.

The fans are not very much the same. Several couples from the show have broken up and gone through a rough patch. These all are the factors that are the main reason the fans have lost interest in the show. 

The makers of the show are now skeptical as to whether a fifteenth season would be a smart choice or an economic disaster. The is not any promising lead as far as the continuance or the discontinuance of the show is concerned. There is a total blackout on this topic and the fans are left to dry out with the rumors of the cancellation of the show.

However, recently, Lifeline has announced the cats for the fourteenth season. It has also revealed the place of the shoot. The filming of the fifteenth season will begin in San Diego and the sixteenth one in Nashville.

The makers are yet to announce the expert panel for the fifteenth season. However, the current panel of experts comprises Dr. Pepper Schwartz, Dr. Viviana Coles, and Pastor Calvin Roberson.   

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Married At First Sight Season 15 Release Date

The fourteenth installment for the show went on air on 5 January 2022 and the show in total has 15 episodes. 13 out of the 15 have already aired and the remaining two may air on 30th March and the finale on 6th April.

Since Lifeline has moved past the stage of casting, we expect a season 15 sooner than ever. The fifteenth season will probably be airing in the second half of 2022 or the early part of 2023. The details regarding the exact date are yet to be officiated by the makers. 

Married at First Sight Season 15 Story

Season 15 will also have the same line of selection, ten singles will be selected, and they will marry a stranger. The show will again be having a panel of experts who will be conducting interviews, will collect data, and then will apply the same to match the couples effectively.

The couples will select their dresses for the wedding and have bachelor and Bachelorette parties. All the functions and the rituals that are part of marriage will be featured in the show but in a way that tingles our hunger for entertainment.

The makers are expected to add some interesting and never seen concepts to rejuvenate the excitement and interest of the fans. 

We will keep updating all the updates regarding the show, so keep checking this space for all the updates. 


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