Rebirth Reinforced Possible Release Date Status & Renewal Status in 2022!


The release of Warzone Rebirth Reinforced is scheduled for this week and includes some large-scale modifications for fan-favorite Map 1.

Even though Caldera has received a lot of criticism for its overall design, Rebirth Island is still an excellent choice.

And this week, Activision plans to release the first major map update since the game’s launch in 2020, barring smaller events.

New POIs and locations to discover are included in this list of what we know so far about Rebirth Reinforced.


In light of this, REBIRTH has confirmed the date of release and the locations where duty calls will be made.
Release time for Rebirth Reinforced is set for March 23rd at 4 pm GMT/9 am PDT (North American time). Activision has confirmed that a new update will be required before you can begin exploring the new content on the Rebirth Island map. There’s no word yet on the size of the download, but fans may need to clear some space on their hard drives.

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An increase in installation might be necessary due to map changes. If you’re playing Vanguard, you’ll be able to download a new update in-game today. Season 2 Released includes many new features, but for many players, Rebirth Reinforced will be the most exciting.


Rebirth Reinforced map changes have been confirmed by Activision today, and the development team has shared a list of the new locations with you below.

Stronghold Revamped – Former Security Area

Two new structures have been added to this area, which has been renamed Stronghold. For starters, we’re going to build an elevated walkway over the main booth and add a few garages and an administrative building to our existing checkpoint gate system.

Many Supply Boxes and items will appear, so players should be prepared to engage in close combat. The other is a radar structure built on a raised concrete platform, which will take the place of the lone communications tower. On top of this communications hub, which looms over the perimeter, you’ll find an observation deck with a panoramic view of the Base Camp and Living Quarters areas below.

Rebirth Reinforced Release Date
Rebirth Reinforced Release Date

New Dock POI

Both supply ships have arrived at the Factory and helipad near the Control Center, crossing dangerous waters. Operators can search the upper and lower decks of these ships for valuable items and Supply Boxes when there is no crew present. One of them can be found right outside the main Nova 6 Factory.

Dock, which connects a concrete helipad near a construction site to a cargo ship, is a brand-new point of interest for the other. There are a variety of ways to get onto either ship: walking across the gangplank, parkouring across shipping containers, or flying down from nearby structures like cranes.

The Prison Yard, Water Tower, Redeploy Balloons

Materials being used to build a prison yard have been partially reinforced and can serve as cover or platforms to jump onto guard wall walkways. An entirely repainted water tower with Perseus’ flag flying off its sides will also be noticed by operators.

If you’re looking for height, look no further than the locations where Caldera’s Redeploy Balloons have been deployed on Rebirth Island. Although the ascender cable is shorter, they perform similarly in terms of how much ground they cover across the island.

Trading of Weapons

Operators will soon be able to trade in their current weapons for new ones as well as bonus items through Warzone’s Weapon Trade Station, which will debut soon.

Weapon Trade Station will display the weapon you will receive in exchange for your current one. The Weapon Trade Station will also reward you with extra cash and items from a select pool of rewards if your weapon is rare enough. What we know so far indicates that a Community Challenge will be required before the Weapon Trade System can be unlocked.

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Reinforced Event

As part of the Reinforced Launch, new Community Challenges are being added to the game today. The entire Warzone community is invited to participate in these large-scale tasks on Rebirth Island. As part of this Challenge, those who participate in it will receive 25,000 XP and the ability to use the island’s Weapon Trade Stations for the first time after the update.


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