Napoleon Movie Release Date, Cast, Plot – All We Know So Far


Ridley Scott is the director of famous movies like Alien and Blade Runner. Both the movies were popular sci-fi classics that made Ridley Scott a household name. Recently, he has around 30 feature-length films that pull the attention to his fame.

Some of them are Thelma and Louise, Gladiator, The Martian, and many more. The director is so productive that he released two movies in the year 2020, namely The Last Duel and House of Gucci. Matt Damon and Ben Affleck were the cast of The Last Duel, and Lady Gaga and Adam Driver were in the House of Gucci. 

The next project is the addition to the long list of the director Ridley Scott, namely Napolean. Napolean was previously titled Kitbag and is currently in pre-production at Apple Studios. Deadline announced the movie back in October 2020.

It is an upcoming historical film that will focus on the rise to power of Napolean Bonaparte. He was the leader of the 19th century.

The screenwriter of the Napolean project is none other than David Scarpa. He was the one who penned Scott’s pic of 2017, All the Money in the World. Scott is also the one to produce the film along with his production company named Scott Free Productions. 

Variety reported in May 2020 that Apple has a deal with Scott Free Productions for various television projects. With the production of Napolean, we can observe an expanded version of the Scott Free-Apple relationship.

After the first look deal announcement by Scott Free, Deadline came upon with the news in January 2021 that Apple Studios will finance and produce Napolean. 

Here is everything you need to know about Ridley Scott’s project, Napolean. 

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Napolean Release Date

When the writing of the Napolean was in progress, the exact release date was unknown. However, according to some sources from Collider, the film might get scheduled for 2023. Collider also reported in November 2021 that the film might begin filming in January 2022.

All the fans eagerly waiting for the movie can catch up with it in 2023 if the production sticks to the same date. You can have your eyes on the latest work of Scott soon. However, the main question is the date or month in which it will release in 2023. 

If we consider the epic scope of the movie, the director who got nominated for Oscar, and the outstanding cast, the film might take place in the fall or winter of the expected year. It will capitalize in the hasten of awards season.

Napoleon Movie
Napoleon Movie

With this statement, we can conclude that the historical movie might compete with the blockbusters released in the summer. The film can also turn out to be faulty and get premiered in February or March.

However, looking upon the previous releases of Scott, The Last Duel, and House of Gucci, we can expect Napolean to follow the same footprints. Therefore, we can expect the film to be premiered in late 2023.

Napolean Cast

During the scriptwriting, three actors were already cast for their respective roles. Joaquin Phoenix will be in the character of Napolean Bonaparte, a French military leader. Empress Josephine, the first wife of Napolean, will be played by Vanessa Kirby.

Jodie Comer, the star of Free Guy and Killing Eve, was previously signed for the role of Josephine. This film would have proved to be her second collaboration with Ridley Scott after the film The Last Duel. However, Decider informed in January 2022 that  Kirby replaced Comer as she was having some scheduling conflicts. 

Phoenix will also work with Scott a second time after the success of Gladiator. Gladiator made Phoenix earn his first Oscar nomination. However, he won his first Oscar for the film Joker, in which he played the character of Arthur Fleck.

Kirby received her first Oscar nomination for the film Pieces of a Woman in 2021. However, she first got nominated for the role of Princess Margaret on a show on Netflix named The Crown. 

Youssef Kerkour, a Moroccan-British actor, will join the two in the film. He had a little in House of Gucci. However, the role of Kerkour has not been decided yet. 

We don’t have any information about the other actors joining the team. 

Napolean Plot

According to the IMDb page of the film, Napolean will display the personal and original look at the origin of Napolean Bonaparte. It will also discover his merciless climbing of becoming an emperor, including an explosive relationship with his wife and true love, Josephine.

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Deadline also reported in October 2020 that the film will also feature some of the famous battles fought by Napolean. It will also display his ambitious mind of becoming an extraordinary military leader. 

The makers have plenty of material to pour into the project as Napolean’s life was fully action-packed. We can also expect to have a focus on his relationship with Josephine. The actresses chose to play Josephine’s role displays that she would have a significant role in the movie.

Josephine married Napolean at the age of 32 after the death of her previous husband at 26. They possessed an extramarital affair and got divorced after unsuccessful attempts of producing an heir. All this information tells us a lot about their complex relationship. 

You can experience the extraordinary life of Napolean in the theatres soon in 2023.


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