Pete Davidson to Fly to Space Next Week: Know Launch Date, Passenger List and Flight Details


Blue Origin is the spaceflight firm of Jeff Bezos, and they are gearing up to send more passengers into space. Blue Origin NS-20 is all set to take Pete Davidson along with them. Here is everything you need to know about it. 

Blue Origin is all set to return to the edges of the space and is ready to take a celebrity along with it. The founder of the spaceflight firm, Jeff Bezos, announced that Pete Davidson is the sixth member on the new Shepard 20 mission.

The special announcement took place on Monday. Pete Davidson is the star of Saturday Night Live. The Shepard 20 mission is the fourth flight ready to send human passengers to the boundary of space. However, the periphery is already recognized internationally. 

The space tourism flights help in the funding of the most ambitious projects of Blue Origins. The projects also include the New Glenn rocket that will send some satellites into space for some commercial clients. This project is similar to SpaceX’s Falcon series of rockets.

Bezos is hoping to develop an infrastructure that could settle the goals of humanity in spaceflight. It is a long-term scheme similar to Amazon using innovations. Bezos imagines the large orbiting cities that are situated close to the Earth so that he could expand humanity to one trillion humans. The large orbiting cities will have leisure and recreation, including heavy industries that will reduce the pollution on the nearby Earth. 

This dream can only be fulfilled with the help of flights like NS-20. For further information, stay tuned. 

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NS-20 Flight Launch

The launch will be on the 23rd of March. The liftoff time will be 8:30 am. It is the central time from the Launch Site One of Blue Origin located in West Texas. 

The new Shepard rocket is all set to accomplish the mission. The fuel of the rocket is obtained from liquid hydrogen and oxygen. This fuel will ensure its production in the form of water vapor rather than carbon dioxide. According to a previous study, it could affect the clouds. 

NS-20 Passengers

On Monday, Blue Origin announced the name of the six passengers of the flight. They are as follows:

Marty Allen, a former CEO of Party America and California Closet Company. 

Pete Davidson is a part of the cast of Saturday Night Live. He got highlighted after his relationship with the media personality Kim Kardashian. 

Sharon Hagle is the founder of SpaceKids Global. It is a non-profit organization whose center of attention is main science, technology, engineering, and medical education. She is married to a co-passenger named Marc Hagle. 

Pete Davidson
Pete Davidson

Marc Hagle is the president and CEO of the property development company Tricor International. 

Jim Kitchen is an entrepreneur and explorer. She has traveled to 193 countries recognized by the United Nations. 

George Nield is the president of Commerical Space Technologies. This firm targets to promote commercial space activities. 

NS-20 Flight Charge

A spokesperson of Blue Origin has revealed that Davidson will be an honorary guest. The other five passengers are paying for their journey. However, the cost is not disclosed yet. 

In 2018, Reuters updated that the charges will be approx $200,000 to $300,000 for the tickets. The price has not been confirmed by the firm yet. The winner for one of the seats told that the first crewed News Shepard flight costs $28 million at an auction. This figure is much higher than the other flight participants. 

Plans for the Flight

The rocket flight is just for 11 minutes. The New Shepard rocket will launch vertically and will send the second capsule to the destination. Then, it will land vertically back to the ground. The separated capsule will move further to the Karman line, which is 62 miles altitude. It is the internationally recognized boundary of space. 

The passengers will be given a postcard from Blue Origin’s Club for the future foundation. This postcards to Space program will enable the students to write a postcard and send them to orbit. 

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Method to Watch the Flight

The company will share a live feed on the website 60 minutes before the launch. You can also check the youtube page of the company for any updates. Watching along is quite easy by this method. 

The times at which the rocket will be launched are:

6:30 am in the Pacific time

8:30 am in the Central time

9:30 am in the Eastern time

1:30 pm in the Greenwich Meantime

11:30 pm in the Australian Eastern Standard time

The replay of the launch will also be available on the website. 


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