Just Getting Back,’ Kylie Jenner Captions Her First Instagram Post After the Birth of Her Son Wolf


Kylie Jenner has started feeling like herself again just after a month of delivery. After the first month of welcoming her and Travis Scott’s son, named Wolf, Kylie feels quite relaxed. She is full of joy after becoming the mother of two.

She has found her peace now. A source has disclosed Kylie’s recovery from her second pregnancy and her developing connection with her baby boy. 

One of those sources mentioned that Kylie is happy to be out again and is doing great. She is now comfortable leaving her house again and comes back after completing all her tasks. This schedule has become very normal for her now.

The source also mentioned that her recovery is proceeding very well. She is feeling like herself all over again. The last month of pregnancy was quite hard. However, she was determined to have a baby. Currently, she is taking it quite easily but is also preparing herself to return to her fitness routine. Once cleared, she will be back in the race. 

Kylie Jenner
Kylie Jenner

Above all, she is enjoying her time with her baby, Wolf. She is only focussing on her baby for the first month and is not concentrating on anything else. She is adjusting to her family, which has four members now. She is enjoying Wolf’s company. 

Her first interview after welcoming her child was published recently. Her success and her feelings of obtaining more followers than the global subscriber base of Netflix are at another level. She is overwhelmed by receiving such love from the people.

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Kylie Jenner Is Back to Show You Some Make-Up

Kylie Jenner while sitting in her luxury automobile spoke to followers about her new “lip lacquer” which she was wearing. She told the followers how occupied she’s been with a new baby for quite a while.

Finally, she told the followers that she had not been showing makeup because she did not have time to do it. She said “I haven’t been doing my makeup, so I haven’t been able to show you guys,” 

However, she told that she is back. She added “But now, I’m getting back to doing my makeup, and I wanted to show you,” before going on to do videos trying on each new product.


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