A New Member of the Faze Clan Has Been Announced: Snoop Dogg


In a piece of indisputably amazing news, Snoopy Dog, the hip-hop legend, has confirmed his entry in FaZe Clan. Snoop will join the Faze Clan’s, Board of Directors once the company goes public at the end of this year.

Snoop Dogg is into sports very much and has been deeply involved with gaming for quite long years and has even established his e-sports league. He also streams on Twitch regularly.

Faze Clan has officially announced that Dogg will become part of the talent network of the Faze Clan. According to the official news, Snoop will have the responsibility of creating content, participating in pivotal business endeavors, and launching merchandise with the brand. 

FaZe Clan on October 25, 2021, also dropped a piece of news that it will merge with BRPM to get the status of a publicly-traded company. BRPM is a special purpose-driven acquisition company and is looking to close the transaction with the Fazr Clan by Sprint 2022.

Dogg will enter the FaZe Clan as director. It is a great deal for Faze Clan as Snoop will bring his ‘vast entertainment industry wisdom and his passion and love for gaming, culture, and Web3.

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The Official Announcement

Kai Henry, Chief Strategy Officer of FaZe Clan, has officially announced the news and said: 

“The organic relationship between FaZe and Snoop has been building for years now, so we are thrilled to officially welcome FaZe Snoop to the family. Like the original internet kid and first-generation gamer, Snoop has always understood the cultural connection between music, lifestyle, and gaming,”.

Snoop Dogg
Snoop Dogg

He further stated that “Today, Snoop is a prominent voice in the emerging Web3 community and we have exciting plans to create together in the metaverse, driving new engagement opportunities for both of our fanbases.”

Well, it will be fascinating to see what result the collaboration will bring as it will create a lot of opportunities for the Faze Clan to give the fervor of Snoop’s popularity in both the gaming and entertainment field. Snoop gave the credit to his son, Cordell Broadus, and said:

“It only makes sense to partner with FaZe Clan as both a team member and on the Board of Directors,” said Snoop Dogg, Entertainment Icon. “The youth identifies with their brand and that’s something my son Cordell knew, which is why he brought us together.”


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