Elden Ring Fia Quest: Should You Let Fia Hold You, and What Baldachin’s Blessing Means


Elden Ring is an action RPG that presents a big open world. The developer of the game is From Software. George R. R. Martin, famous for the A Song of Ice and Fire series, has written the overarching mythos of the open world. The game is quite intriguing and weird.

FIA is a denizen of the Roundtable Hold, and you will find her sitting on her bed. She acts like a deathbed companion. After questioning, she asks to hold your hand for some time. So, should you allow her to hold yourself in Elden Ring? Here is everything you need to know about it.

Letting Fia Hold Your Hand

If you allow Fia to hold hands, then you will receive a reward. It includes an item called Baldachin’s Blessing. This reward is consumable, and you can use it to increase your poise for a short period by expending a bit of FP.

This reward will prove to be useful in combat situations. In a situation where enemies stagger you repeatedly, you can have the opportunity to defend yourself. High poise can allow you to break the combo.

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As the reward is a consumable item, you can go back to the Roundtable Hold and take the blessings of Fia by holding hands. However, you can only use it one at a time. If you wish to use this item regularly, then you need to travel a few trips to the  Hold during your journey.

Even after receiving some blessings, you can continue to be with her. This method will allow you to know more about her past through a Talk in Secret option.

elden ring fia quest
Elden ring fia quest

Debuff of Fia and Method to Remove It

When Fia holds you, an active debuff is received. This debuff will remove 5% from your total HP. This debuff will remain with you even after death, during rest at a site of grace, or using restorative items.

When she will hold your hand, you will notice a status icon with a red square and downward arrow indicating a reduction in your HP. This negligible reduction can make a vast difference during fights with the Margit and Godrick bosses.

The technique to remove debuff in Elden Ring is to apply the Baldachian Blessing given by Fia. You will get all the benefits of the blessing and remove the debuff.

Purpose of Baldachin’s Blessing

Baldachin’s blessing is an exclusive item that is received only after the hugs of Fia. It consumes a negligible amount of FP and increases your poise which helps in the combat. Poise determines the possibilities of the enemy attack to stagger you, breaking the defense mechanism and leaving you vulnerable and shocked.

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The use of Baldachin’s blessing at the right time will remove the debuff from your profile. It will also help you to give a tough fight to the enemies without any suffering.  The consumption of the blessing is the only way to remove the debuff.

Poison can create a mess for you and flop all the plans if it is not removed on time.

You will understand this concept more clearly by playing the game. This article will help you a lot to know about the above-mentioned scenario.


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