Scarlet and Violet Starters Are Shown in Japanese Ink Paintings by a Pokemon Fan


A creative gamer has made a breathtaking Japanese ink portray after the announcement of the starters for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. 

Some gamers are still interested in playing Pokemon Legends: Arceus. Meanwhile, Game Freak gave a teaser for an add-on in the franchise named Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

The game was just announced a few days ago, but fans have already thought of several expectations. During all these reveals, some of the players got a glimpse of the designs for the starter Pokemon. 

They revealed three new starter Pokemon in the trailer for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. Firstly, they showed it in the Gen 9 Pokedex. The three of them are Sprigatito, Fuecoco, and Quaxly. However, these Pokemon are not that famous. 

Sprigatito is a grass-type Pokemon, whereas Fuecoco is a Fire-type Pokemon. On the alternative hand, Quaxly is a water-kind Pokemon. For celebrating the release of these Pokemon, a gamer shared a piece of art.

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ZanorinSeregris was the one to share the picture of a Japanese ink painting. The painting was based on the Pokemon series that was posted on Reddit. The artist used a beautiful art style to make the starters look more realistic. 

At the time of portray, the artist focussed on the animals on which the Pokemon were based. This idea made the art outstanding. The best example to explain this idea is the painting of Sprigatito. It looks more like a cat, and so it was painted. Fuecoco is similar to a crocodile, whereas Quaxly looks like a real duck. 

ZanorinSeregris, the artist, also gave some information about the making. He kicked off the painting with the lines. These lines were his first step. After doing so, he added watercolors to it. He also mentioned his experience while completing the project. According to him, the procedure was very therapeutic and relaxing.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet
Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Scarlet and Violet Starters Painting Attracted Attention of Millions

The beautiful painting caught the attention of many people, especially the Pokemon community available on Reddit. It gained the vote of more than 15,000 people in less than a day. This response was just after the release of the design. 

For most of the people, it was great to see it. The public was super excited after noticing the details of the picture covered in the painting. Some people in the comments got so much motivated that they decided to make their Japanese ink painting. 

This painting is impressive, but it will also receive competition from similar art. Many artists also made various Pokemon art in the last few days. Some other artists have also used retro art to display the pictures of Fuecoco. They revealed the art some days ago. However, we don’t have much information about the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. So, we can expect more and more fan art based on the same topic on Reddit. 

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are likely to come on Nintendo Switch at the end of 2022. Until then, we need to wait for it. Be ready to receive more and more fan arts for the upcoming days.

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