Atlanta Season 3 Now Have a Release Date After Four Years


“Donald Glover’s series finally has a release date after waiting for four years.”

Atlanta is a Surreal comedy series that premiered on FX in 2016.

Created by Donald Glover, the story revolves around a rapper boy, Alfred Miles, and his manager Earn Marks who is also his cousin. The series shows their juggling in the music industry to set their careers. 

The first season was critically acclaimed. Consequently, the creators renewed the series for the second installment. The second installment premiered between March 1, 2018, and May 10, 2018.

Seeing the show’s popularity, the makers renewed the show for the third installment in June 2018. 

However, more than three years have elapsed, but season 3 is still to come. But, the good news is that the makers have officially announced the release dates of Atlanta season 3 along with the other details.

So, check out the whole article to get all the information about Atlanta Season 3.

Atlanta Season 3 Release Date 

FX renewed the third installment of the series in June 2018. However, the filming of the same firstly got delayed due to Glover’s busy schedule due to his increasing popularity the course the Covid-19 pandemic halted the filming of the series. 

But finally, after almost four years, the makers have officially announced the release date of Atlanta season 3. The first episode of Atlanta season 3 will premiere on  March 24, 2022.

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There is another good news. During the pandemic, the makers had already planned to release season 3 and season 4. The filming of season 4 is already wrapped in September 2021. So, season 4 will also come sooner than you think.

Atlanta Season 3 Cast  

The main cast of the two seasons will likely return for the third season as well. Donald Glover will reprise its role of Earnest ‘Earn’ Marks.

Brian will also reprise his role as Alfred Miles. Lakeith Stanfield will return as Darius Epps in Season 3. Zazie Beetz will play the role of Vanessa Keefer. 

Well, several new faces have joined the cast of Atlanta season 3. However, the available information about the cast is limited as of now. Once more information is released about the cast of Atlanta Season 3, we will update it here. 

Atlanta Season 3
Atlanta Season 3

Atlanta Season 3 Trailer

The first teaser of Atlanta season 3 hit the screen in December, and the full-fledged trailer came out on March 4, 2021. In the trailer, the upcoming seasons seem bigger than ever. 

In the new trailer Paper, Boi along with   Lakeith Stanfield and Zazie is up for Europe TourBeetz. New obstacles and hurdles are waiting for them along with lots of fun and adventure in the music industry.

Well, the trailer gives the hint to the views of what will happen in the next season. The trailer gives us the sight of the complex life of the main characters of the show.

Van suggests Earn “live more in the moment”. On the other hand, Stanfield travels the whole of Europe to find spirituality—and maybe drug-induced—quest.

Darius recommends to everybody that before all is said and done, “We should definitely get started. It’s becoming a little tense.” 

Atlanta Season 3 Plot

Well, the creators have put the plot under the wraps as of now. It is hard to predict what will happen in the upcoming season as Glover has not failed a single time to surprise his fans. But, we can say one thing with certainty a lot of surrealism will be there. Earn and Al’s attempts in the music industry will continue and their failures as well due to bad decision-making skills.

Season 2 concluded with Paper Boi’s and Al taking a flight to Europe, and in the recently released trailer, we saw them roaming around Europe for Clark County. 

Well, Glover has hinted that Season 3 will be darker than ever.

So mark your calendar and sit tight to enjoy Atlanta season 3.

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How Many Episodes Will There Be in Atlanta Season 3?

Initially, both Season 3 and Season 4 comprises eight episodes but after the writer had finished writing episodes, the no. of episodes in season 3 increased. Now, Season 3 will have a total of eight episodes while Season 4 is still sticking to eight.


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