Henry Rollins Net Worth (2022 Updated) Income, Salary, Earnings, and Biography Are All Available

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Henry Lawrence Garfield is an American singer who has performed and composed songs of different genres like hardcore metal & alternative metal. He is also an actor, presenter, comedian, and activist. 

Henry also runs a podcast which is available on iTunes. 

He is well known for his pro-found works in musical bands such as Black Flag, State of Alert, and the Rollins Band. Henry appeared in the television series “Sons of Anarchy” and on several other television shows and films. 

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Henry Rollins Salary

Various reports have surfaced disclosing his earnings. We will be able to determine Henry’s net worth and much more in this manner. 

Reports suggest that his net worth is over 5 million dollars, close to 7.5 million dollars. This directly implies that Henry’s per month income is close 500,000$. 

Henry Rollins is a high-net-worth individual and has slogged his ass day in and day out to bag such humongous achievements. He is also a great investor by practice as, in 1999, Henry sold his home in Los Angeles for $740,000 and purchased a new property for $2.2 million. He advertised this home for $3.9 million in November 2021.

He makes more than the average American because he has numerous sources of revenue. His income comes from his career in music as well as his various gigs as an actor and television presenter. “Hаrmоnу in mу Hеаd,” a radio program, is one of the most important sources of his income. It accounts for the majority of his earnings.

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Rollins does, in fact, know a lot of trade secrets. He is not only a superb musician, but he also has the acting skills to make it big in Hollywood. 

Nonetheless, the complete persona of Rollins can not be defined just by his profession. Henry Rollins is an outspoken advocate for LGBTQ rights.

His activism is a big part of his life, and he uses the platform he’s obtained in the profession to accomplish good for the entire world.

Henry Rollins Biography

Henry Lawrence Garfield was the only child of Iris and Paul Garfield. He was born in the neighborhood of Washington, D.C., on 13th February 1961.   

When he got three years old, tragically, his parents got separated. After the divorce, he was subsequently raised by his mother in the area around Glover Park.

In his childhood, he suffered from depression and a lot from sexual abuse.

Henry Rollins Net Worth
Henry Rollins Net Worth

Henry was then diagnosed with hyperactivity in his fourth grade and took Ritalin for several years to focus in school. After this, he attended the Bullis School, an all-boys prep school in Potomac, Maryland, and built a strong work ethic. 

Henry started working for a series of minimum-wage jobs after dropping out of the American University in Washington in his first semester of graduation(in the December of 1979). He even worked for the National Institutes of Health as a courier boy for kidney samples.

In the late 1970s, he started developing his taste for punk rock, and by this time, he was working as a roadie for various bands in DC. Rolins later joined a punk band that had recently lost their frontman and created the State of Alert.

Rollins took over as the band’s vocalist and frontman, and he also authored several of its songs. The State of Alert afterward released its sole EP, “No Policy,” in 1981.

He also had a very successful career in the Black Flag, a California punk band. 

Furthermore, hе hаd diffеrеnt thinking tоwаrds Gоd аnd hе nеvеr bеliеvеd in Gоd but wаs nоt аn Athiest thе sаmе timе(too much diabolical). He stорреd bеliеving in lоvе аnd rеlаtiоnshiр аnd this may be because of the fact that hе hаd fасеd а lоt in thе сhildhооd. 

Henry Rollins Personal Life and Activism

Many reports suggest that Rollins hasn’t been in a romantic relationship since his twenties. He chooses not to have children and considers himself a solitary person who likes to have few intimate interactions. Seeing this quality in Rollin reveals a lot about the type of guy he is.

Rollins, an ardent supporter of LGBTQ rights, is an avid human rights campaigner. During the Iraq War, he also toured with the USO and established a campaign to help soldiers better reintegrate into society after their service. Rollins has also been associated with the World Hunger Relief Foundation and campaigns to legalize cannabis.

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