Honor at MWC 2022 to Unveil Magic4 Series Phones, Earbuds 3 Pro – Specs, and Much More


The MWC 2022 will be taking place on February 28 with Honor planning to make a huge announcement. Honor will be unveiling its Magic4 series phones which include HONOR Magic4, HONOR Magic4 Pro, and HONOR Magic4 Pro+. In addition to this, Honor will also be unveiling the Honor FreeBuds 3 Pro.

The brand has confirmed this news and released numerous teasers which point towards the Magic4 series and Honor FreeBuds 3 Pro. Moreover, all the new products will have amazing specs and a premium price tag. Also, information has been leaked regarding these specs and features. So, if you want to find out what to expect from Honor at the MWC keep on reading.

Honor Magic4 Series

Honor has confirmed to release the successor to the Magic3 series at the MWC in Barcelona. In an official statement, Honor has said:

“We want to bring you more surprises with the impending debut of our HONOR Magic4 series at MWC – the newest member of our Magic flagship series that’s full of features that will unleash the power of Magic.”

The Magic4 series will be featuring a 3x optical zoom. The Honor Magic4 Pro+ will also have 100x Max Zoom as well as a periscope camera.

Magic4 will feature the Density 9000 chipset as its processor. Also, the other two Magic4 models will have the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 which is the same processor as HONOR Magic V. 

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Honor Magic4 series will come with a metal frame design and a glass or leather back except for the Pro+ model. As it will feature a ceramic back that users are bound to love. In terms of battery, the Magic4 series will have a 4,800mAh battery.

The Honor Magic4 will have 11V and 6A i.e. 66W fast charging. Whereas the Magic4 Pro will be featuring 20V and 5A charging speed meaning that it will have 100W fast charging. Finally, the Honor Magic4 Pro+ will have the same 100W fast charging as the Pro model. More details regarding the series will be made at the MWC.


Honor FreeBuds 3 Pro

Honor has unveiled a poster showing the Honor FreeBuds 3 Pro. These wireless earbuds will be equipped with a temperature technology that will make them stand out from the rest of the earbuds in the market.

Furthermore, Honor has promised fans that the earbuds will have high-quality sound and the ability of noise cancellation. It has also been designed with an in-ear design and a circular appearance that looks quite similar to the Honor Earbuds 2 SE.

Besides this, any other detail regarding the Honor FreeBuds 3 Pro will be shared at the MWC 2022 conference. So don’t forget to tune in as these might just be the best wireless earbuds!

When will the Honor MWC 2022 conference take place?

Be prepared to watch Honor’s live stream at 1 PM CET. The company will be live streaming on YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter so that fans of the brand all over the world can watch and learn about the new products to get launched.

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