The First Four Tracks From ‘Donda 2’ Have Been Released by Kanye West


The wait for Kanye West fans is finally over. As Kanye West has finally released Donda 2 on Stem player. Kanye West Donda 2 is a sequel to his 10th album ‘Donda.’ 

Fans were excited to hear some tracks from Kanye West’s new album live at Miami’s Loan Depot Park. Furthermore, Kanye West stated that his album would be released the same day. However, there were no signs of Donda 2 by Kanye West back then. Later he released four songs of the album on stem player. 

Kanye West exclusively released the songs on stem player as a protest against other streaming services. However, not many fans are happy with this news. Fans of the singer have many questions about Kanye West’s latest album Donda 2, and we will be answering them all for you. 

Did you say Kanye West Donda 2? 

Donda 2 is a Kanye West fan’s dream come true. In July 2021, Kanye West debuted his album, Donda. However, he formally released it in August, the same year. Then in September, Kanye West released the deluxe version of the album on stem player. 

Kanye West
Kanye West

Right after that, Kanye West started working on the sequel called Donda 2. Moreover, Kanye West released the song ‘Eazy’ in collaboration with the Game. He showcased the cover art on his Instagram account and told us the dates for Kanye West Donda 2’s release. 

Who is Involved in Kanye West Donda 2?

When Kanye West announced the release of Donda 2, he told us that Future would be the executive producer for this album. Furthermore, Kanye West is also collaborating with the controversial Marilyn Manson. This news has made a lot of heads turn. 

However, one artist that we fail to see in Donda 2 is Kid Cudi – mainly because Kanye West had a falling out with him. Cudi has worked with Kanye West on various projects, including his album Donda. Just days before the release of Donda 2, Kanye West revealed that Cudi would not be joining him for this album. 

In his Instagram post, Kanye West stated that Cudi is not a part of Donda 2 as he is “friends with you know who.” And no, he wasn’t talking about Lord Voldermort, but Pete Davidson. Kanye West and Pete Davidson have been in a quarrel ever since Pete started dating Kanye’s ex-wife – Kim Kardashian

Cudi didn’t want to stay behind and responded to Kanye West’s Instagram post. He stated that he didn’t want to be a part of the Kanye West album anyway. He went as far as calling Kanye West a dinosaur. 

Apart from these artists, there are various artists such as XXXTenctation, Harlow, Migos, Travis Scott, etc. Additionally, Kanye West’s songs also feature some snippets of Kamala Harris’s voice and Kim Kardashian. 

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What about Kim and Kanye West?

Are you curious about Kim Kardashian and Kanye’s divorce? Don’t worry; Kanye West Donda 2 has you covered. One of Kanye West’s songs featured in Donda 2 called Security has the following lyrics – ‘Never take the family picture off the fridge/ Never stand between the man and his kids.’

This is presumably Kanye West talking about Kim keeping his kids away from him. He also wrote a song, ‘Flowers,’ that features the text that Davidson had sent him after Kanye West went public with his divorce. Apart from these songs, the song ‘True Love’ also talks about Kanye West and Kim Kardashian divorce.

How can you listen to Kanye West Donda 2?

Kanye West has stated that he will not be releasing Donda 2 on any streaming services as a protest. Therefore, it will be only available on Kanye West’s own streaming platform ‘stem player.’

Until now, Kanye West has uploaded four songs known as Pablo, Security, We did it kid, and Broken road on the platform. However, we believe we will get to hear more songs from Kanye West Donda 2 very soon. 

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