Still Possible That Babylon 5 Will Be Rebooted, But the CW Has Pushed It Back to the Next Development Season So That It Can Be Done More Quickly


Welcome back fam! Today, we are here with some bad news for all the Babylon fans. The upcoming fifth season of Babylon has been delayed further and now all the fans are required to wait for this upcoming show to be released sometime later. 

This Sci-Fi series Babylon 5 was under development for a certain period of time and after a certain shift, this show has been pushed by the CW for an even longer period of time now.

As per the maker of the show J. Michael Straczynski,  who shared an update recently through  Patreon, shared that all the fans have a possibility to see this reboot real soon but that would be in 2023.

As this shift was made a lot of fans were not expecting this to be done however now we can just look forward to the show being released as soon as possible.

Straczynski had explained that this show was even initially dead and was not going to be picked for any reason by any of the production in the industry.  However, the CEO of CW had taken a very unusual step and had started production for the show and it is going to be released in the next year.

Straczynski had also shared that All the fans expect something out of the show. As the show is not yet dead and just a bit more delayed.  The fifth season of Babylon is under development and it is being produced at a good pace. So if you have missed the show it is going to be back with you really soon.

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‘Babylon 5’ Reboot Pushed for a Year By the CW

The story of Babylon 5 was followed up by the entire group of the military staff of humans and a lot of alien diplomas taking part in Babylon 5.  This show is about a Space Station of 5 Miles long and a completely isolated place at Galaxy at a certain path in Galaxy. 

This shows us everything about the political relation, galactic trade, and all the kinds of complications with the Alien war and with a lot of twists and turns in the entire story.  The show had an entire cult while it has released its other season and was a lot popular in the normal television showing the conflicts about the of the human and aliens. 

Babylon is also famous for launching an entirely new television CGI visual effect which had remained on the TV for a longer period of time.

Babylon 5
Babylon 5

Everything About Babylon 5

Along with all the significance and anticipations for this upcoming series we are yet not sure about the exact plot land to be followed for the show. As with time the fans were expecting Babylon 5 to be back and the cancellation of the show had taken the entire cult of the fans to be very much upset about the situation.

But after the announcement in September 2021 about the return of Babylon 5 the fans have made this release a very popular and most awaited show for 2022.

This upcoming reboot of the show is expected to be made from scratch and it was also going to follow John Sheridan who would be an officer in the show and must have a very mysterious background.  He would be later on assigned to Babylon 5 and their arrival would have triggered the destiny and must have caused a lot of trouble. 

Sheridan was the character originally from the show and was played by Bruce Boxleitner.  Other than that it is expected that in the show we are going to have another version of this character. 

This upcoming show would be showing the entire group of Babylon five to be the last hope for humanity when aliens would invade the earth and it would have triggered the entire humanity for millions of years. 

Other than the character of Sheridan we are not sure about the entire cast of the show. We are expecting the characters from the previous installments would be included in the upcoming show as well. 

Other than them Straczynski is going to be back to executive produce and write the upcoming series he also shared that a lot of changes can be expected as per the recent time.

So do not forget to keep check checking our column for all the recent updates about your favorite show.  Until then stay tuned with us for all such amazing news about your favorite shows and characters. 

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