South Park’s 25th Anniversary Is Marked by an Orchestral Rendition of Chocolate Salty Balls


Welcome back fam! Today we are here discussing some amazing news about the upcoming 25th celebration which is being done by “South Park”. 

This announcement is about the newest episode which is going to be released on 2nd March along with a 30-piece orchestral  version of the most hit song of the series “Chocolate Salty Balls.

This song was already released on the first season of the show and was on the top list for all the UK charge.  This song is written by South Park along with the co-creator Terry Parker and Matt Stone. 

This song also went to the Tony award. Chocolate salty balls were initially performed by the late actor Isaac Hayes who also played the character of the chef in the first nine seasons of this series.

Southpark was initially released on Comedy Central on 13th August 1997.  this show was co-created by Parker and Stone. The executive producers of the show are Parker, Anne Garefino, Frank C, Stone. and Agnone II.

Eric Stough, Bruce Howell, Adrien Beard, and Vernon Chatman are the producers of the show. So keep on reading for them to know everything about this upcoming show. 

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‘South Park’ Celebrates the 25th Anniversary: Everything You Need to Know

And if we talk about ‘Chocolate Salty Balls‘  it was the only superhit in the UK and had the most of the time along with DJ Christmas.  This music was a hit track and was performed very first by Hayes in the first episode of the season called Chef’s Chocolate Salty Balls.  In this episode, Chef must be creating an eponymous treat for everyone.

Later on, this must have been caught all the attention of the folks in town and they must have made this singer an absolute famous personality over the period.  This music was initially released in December 1998 and after its debut in the show, it had sold a total of five thousand copies making it number 1 all around the UK since then it has had its unique taste moving on over the years. 

South Park 25th Anniversary
South Park 25th Anniversary

This song has also created a buzz all around Australia and Europe and also made it to the top 10 list in Denmark, Norway, and the Netherlands.  Other than that this had made it number 14 on the list of many other countries. 

While Hayes had performed the initial track for this song, it was written further by South Park along with the co-creator Trey Parker. Other than him he also had a longtime collaborator called south Park stalwart Matt Stone who established this music making it to a big Broadway show called The Book of Mormon.

South Park’s 25th season of this music is being currently played every Wednesday on Comedy Central.  This video is a part of the anniversary campaign of the series had featured a lot of iconic South Park songs which are further being performed by an orchestra in a perfect classic manner.

Along with that, a big rendition of Kylie’s Mum has also shared in the release of the season and the boys were also present in attendees in their best dinner jackets.

So do not forget to have a taste of this amazing musical and let us know in the comments below about your views about the same.  Till then stay tuned with us for all such amazing updates about your favorite shows and characters. 

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