iPad Air 5 Release Date, Design, New Features, Specs and Price


Apple is probably going to release a new iPad Air in the future. The rumor is of an ultra-slim tablet that would release in the March Event. Apple will also reveal the new iPhone SE 2022 in the same March Event. 

What should we expect from the new iPad Air 5? Will it be a radical departure? What will be the price of the iPad? Only some time has passed since some rumors are circulating. So, here is some essential information related to it. 

iPad Air 5 Release Date

According to the sources, no release date has been leaked for the 5th generation iPad Air. However, we have some guesses that might become true. 

Apple organizes an event in the Springtime in most years. In 2021, we saw many new device launches like the new Apple TV 4K, new iPad Pro, the iPhone 12, AirTag, and the new iMac. So, the chances of the release of the iPad Air are sufficiently high this year. 

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Apple will launch iPad Air along with iPhone SE 2022 during the same March Event. Mark Gurman of Bloomberg has hinted the event to take place on 8th March 2022. It is not farther away. The Apple tipster told previously that the event could occur in March or April. However, Apple didn’t proceed with the Spring event in 2020, 2017, 2014, or 2013. 

iPad Air 4 Price

We have not received any rumors related to the price of the iPad. However, an educated guess can be made right now. The last iPad Air that got launched cost $599. In the list, it sits below the iPad Pro and above the iPad Mini and standard model.

The new model doesn’t need to be the same price as the previous one. Right now, we are amid the global chip storage that has its impact on everything from computers to smartphones and tablets. 

The production delays that happened due to the pandemic are increasing the price of everything. Most of the companies are passing on this problem to customers. Therefore, the devices are getting more and more expensive. 

So, we would guess the value of the new iPad Air 5 is around $649. The cost rise might be different in various countries. 

iPad Air 5
iPad Air 5

The Screen Of The New iPad Air 2022

The biggest thing that got revealed is the iPad Air would lack an OLED screen. This detail is accurate, according to Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo. Previously, Apple had a plan of using OLED panels in the iPad Air. However, the scheme got altered due to the higher cost and sub-par performance.

According to the reports, Apple has dropped the plans to use any OLED screen in future iPads. Apple has made a deal with Samsung for the production of essential panels. Higher costs are responsible for this deal to happen.

A mini LED screen and the 11-inch version are also expected to arrive, along with a Mini LED display. These features were also a part of the iPad Pro. However, Apple will probably stick with a standard LED-lit LCD currently. 

iPad Air 5 Specs

The new iPad Air will probably share similarities with the latest iPad Mini concerning specs. They will use an A15 Bionic chip. The same system was also used in iPhone 13 range and 2021 iPad Mini. 

The front camera is probably of 12-megapixel Ultra Wide shooter. It also has support for Center Stage. Therefore, it can keep you in a shot during a video call while moving. We are also expecting the presence of a Quad-LED True Tone flash for highlighting the darker shots. 

Some rumors also mention the presence of 5G support in the cellular models for fast browsing. 

iPad Air Design

We don’t have much information about the look of the new iPad Air 5. We may find it difficult to differentiate from the 2020 model. This information has arrived from the Japanese Apple blog named Mac Otakara. According to the site, the new model will probably possess the same look overall. The single-lens rear camera will also be the same. 

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No pictures of the hardware have been leaked now. However, no visual changes in the design aren’t disappointing. The current iPad Air is also satisfied with the absence of a home button. This feature will cover the whole screen practically, along with ultra-thin bezels. A 10.9-inch screen and 2360 x 1640 resolution are also amazing. 

The previous features highlighted the last iPad Air. So, the upcoming one has big shoes to fill in.


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