Dave Season 3 is Coming: Here’s Everything You Need to Know


Welcome back fam today we have some amazing news about all the fans of Dave Burd who have been waiting for the renewal of the FX series. When FX has finally confirmed the third season of Dave. 

we have listed everything you need to know about this upcoming series. This upcoming series stars GaTa,  Burd, Taylor Misiak, Andrew Santino, Christine Ko, and  Travis Bennett. So keep on reading further to know everything about this amazing upcoming series of Dave. 

‘Dave’ Season 3 Release Date 

It has finally been confirmed on 17th February 2022 by the variety that the third season of Dave is going to be released.  And they had even shared some hint about the renewal on 16th February through a tweet which read retweet, if you would like to have a third season.

The third season of Dev was back after a total of 14500 users retweeted the post.  And after the confirmation fans cannot wait to know what is this upcoming season about. 

dave season 3
dave season 3

However, the publication effect has not made any official announcement yet after the first season of the show they had become the most-watched comedy series and had an average audience per episode of 5.32 million. Burd has even co-created this series along with Jeff Schaffer.

Still No Updates About the Music Release for the Series

While a lot of fans are excited about the renewal of this upcoming series many of them are also wondering when would the new music series for this upcoming series would be released.  Before the second season of the show ended Burd had shared his deadlines regarding the music and what he would be doing with this music in the future of his series.

Burd had shared at that time that he had not even completed the finale of the second season and he already had the music in mind for the third season. He also added that he has been given a deadline for each of his episodes such as four days before the actual release of the episode. 

He also share about the lack of music he faced which he was producing for his fans.  He said that it has been a long time since he had produced any music and all the fans are very angry about that. He also added that when he is working 16 hours a day straight for 7 days a week he is unable to open up tinker or any other tools at night to produce the music.

Burd had planned on ending the second season early so he could focus on new music. He also added that he always felt the urge to prove himself that he is a music artist rapper and independent of any TV show he is doing. 

He also shared that he wishes to accept the challenge and he had given all the fans a music video of the full version named “We Good,”.  He had also performed his music at the finale of the second season of Dave. 

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‘Dave’ Season 3 Is Going to Be the ‘Funniest Season Ever Made in Television’

The second season of Dave had ended with a good note and we had seen that GaTa joined Lil Dicky on stage directly at the Music Award of MTV. They had performed a duet song of We good in the finale of the second season.

GaTa and Dev seem to be going on a tour altogether and also performing in front of various nightclubs instead of big stages. Dave had originally thought of this idea.

Even though the plot of the third season of Dave has not been announced yet but we are sure about one thing that Burd has a lot of hopes for creating the funniest season in entire television.

He said that the third season is going to be the funniest season that anyone must have ever watched. However, that might change with time and that is what going on in his mind as he shared in an interview.

Until any further updates stay tuned with us for all such amazing updates about your favorite shows and characters. 

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