Apple Watch 8 Release Date Status, Specs, Price Rumors


After the release of the Apple Watch Series 7, everyone is on the verge of making predictions for the Apple Watch 8. Many rumors came out before the release of the Apple Watch 7.

So, the expectation of those rumors to become true for Series 8 is the fantasy of many people. Will the Apple Watch Series 8 own the patented optical sensor? Here is everything we know about the new 2022 Apple Watch.

The Release Date Of The Apple Watch Series 8

The record of Apple company is decent when it comes to releasing date. Apple releases a new and updated smartwatch every coming year. We have been a part of this experience since 2015. This year was the period when the first watch of the company was released. If Apple would take this trend forward, then another new smartwatch will be released soon.

The rumor of the appearance of a rugged sports model and an updated version of the Apple Watch SE, along with the release of the standard edition, is also high.

According to some trusted sites like LifeWire, the estimated release date for the watch may lie in September month. The release of the Series 1 Apple Watch took place in September.

Apple Watch 8
Apple Watch 8

However, it should not be confused with the release of the first generation of the Apple Watch. The first generation was referred to as Series 0 by many people. Depending upon the previous releases, the expectation for this release is also around September. So, we should wait until September 2022.

The Rumors Of The Price Tag Of The Apple Watch Series 8

The information based on facts has not been leaked yet from Apple about the Series 8. The only thing we can’t guess about is the price of the smartwatch. The company has not changed the yearly release cycle. So, the expected rate for the base model for Apple Watch Series should start from the same price, which is $399.

The rumors of the release of the Apple Watch SE 2 with a lower cost may also prove true. In this case, Apple SE 2 will be released with a price tag of $279, which is similar to the first edition.

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The Planning For The Pre-Order Information

After the announcement of the new watch by Apple, pre-orders will also take their first step. So, we can expect the initiation of pre-orders near the fall.

Until then, you need to stay updated about the new releases and details of the upcoming gadgets. You can also check back for the updated details as we are proceeding towards the launch month day by day.

Talking Of The Features Of The New Apple Watch Series 8

We don’t have much information about it right now, but here are some features which we want to see in the next-generation Apple Watch. Some additional expectations about the hardware will also be considered. These hardware expectations may include longer battery life, larger screens, and watchOS 9 operating system.    

Optical Sensor

The company planned to display this feature in the later version of the watch. However, a recently granted patent for Apple disclosed that Apple has planned to include this feature in this newer version. This optical sensor will receive the input from 90 feet away from the wearer. This idea will replace the standard watch crown that understands the motions and gestures to make the watch interactable.

Temperature Reader

Including the temperature reader in their watch, Apple will increase its health and wellness arsenal. This feature will make it much easier for people to check their degrees.

Flat-Edged Design

This design was thought to be a rumor for Series 7. However, Series 8 will probably feature it.


Apple may use a MicroLED on its screen rather than OLED. Using MicroLED in the Apple Watch will make it look slimmer and brighter. This feature will also help it use less power than the previous ones.

Wrist Unlock or Touch ID

We use finger or face unlocking on our phones to unlock it. Similarly, we may use our wrist or forearm to confirm that we are the watch’s owner. If this feature will be missing, then we can expect Touch ID.

Blood Glucose Tracking

Being able to detect blood sugar levels without using any secondary device is a commendable achievement. It will be helpful if you are a diabetic patient. However, we are not sure about this feature, as the mentioned it to be a system for measuring a concentration of a substance.

Tech To Monitor Blood Pressure

Different patents display the interest of Apple in this tech. Apple watch has the feature of tracking blood pressure by pairing with other devices.

Crash Detection

Apple watch already possesses a fall detection tech that tells about your bad fall. It soon dials 911 if something is to be worried about. The 2022 updated version will include similar tech for detecting car crashes.

Specs And Hardware Of Apple Watch Series 8

According to the previous experiences, we can say that Apple will reduce the need to take out phones for performing tasks. The 41mm and 47 mm Apple Watch 7 sizes were the upgrades from the previous one. So, this time we can expect it to be large enough. Ross Young, the analyst, teased the presence of a third size for this release.

No realistic look at specs is covered here, as there are no leaks yet done.

We’ll keep you updated about it, according to our sources.

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