What Are the Odds of Inventing Anna Season 2?


‘Inventing Anna‘ is a Netflix original mini-series that tells the story of a New York socialite who proves her worth to many prominent people and institutions. Nevertheless, her increasingly ridiculous activities expose her as a fraud as they become increasingly obvious.

It’s highly regarded for its intriguing true tale inspiration and is based on a New York Magazine article. Television legend Shonda Rhimes is behind the creation of the show. Perhaps there will be a second season of ‘Inventing Anna’ since it doesn’t appear that Anna’s journey is over? 

So, let’s take a look.

Is there a Season 2 of Inventing Anna in the works?

The chances of that happening are extremely slim. However, there is a true story behind Inventing Anna, so it’s more than a limited series. Those of you familiar with the Anna Delvey story, aka Anna Sorokin, will know that it has already been told.

It is possible, however small, that Netflix will release more episodes. Viewers typically get more content from the streaming giant when a show is popular enough. Six weeks after Sorokin was released from prison in February of 2021, ICE took her into custody.

A future installment might cover that time period. If she wants to get meta, Shonda Rhimes might cover the effects Inventing Anna had on Sorokin’s fame in future episodes. It seems more likely that this will be a one-time deal.

The chances of us receiving more than one sophomore season are extremely slim. This is a standalone story because Netflix describes ‘Inventing Anna’ as a mini-series.

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The arc of the series that tracks Anna Sorokin, aka Anna Delvey’s ascent and fall, ends in her imprisonment, even though her story continues. So it makes sense that the show concludes with the essential character’s arrest based on its inspiration, a 2018 New York Magazine piece.

The fact that Anna Sorokin (and her story) has already been widely known suggests that the series is now complete, despite her recent difficulties. In Inventing Anna, the protagonist makes absurd claims about being a wealthy German heiress as a means of manipulating people.

Due to the media attention, Anna’s bold actions earned, the premise of the show (in which she “invents” her identity) is no longer relevant since the real Anna is well known around the world. Therefore, the chances of the second season of Inventing Anna are quite slim.

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Netflix’s History of Renewing Series

Shows such as “Tiger King” on Netflix are based on true events. Since their first season was a huge success, they have had many episodes. The main characters, who are essentially real individuals, have their storylines developed in subsequent rounds. Inventing Anna is unlikely to do this. 

The show’s plot continues even after the first season ends, but the narrative shifts dramatically after Anna is imprisoned.

Consequently, there’s still a chance that they will tell Anna’s story (following her arrest) in documentaries, news pieces, or perhaps in a Season one of the Netflix series about the rise of the infamous socialite ends with her incarceration.

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