Vernon Jones Says He’ll Impeach Joe Biden and Kamala Harris on Day One if Elected


Recently there was an announcement by the Republican candidate Vernon Jones.  He said that if he gets selected on his first day in Congress he is going to introduce articles of impeachment against Vice president Kamala Harris and President Joe Biden.

On Wednesday the Trump-endorsed Jones shared on Twitter that they are planning on introducing an article of impeachment.  He also added that he would vote for former President Donald Trump to become the speaker for the representatives. 

A lot of republicans had also suggested that president  Biden might have to face impeachment if the GOP wins the entire management of the house.  Other than that senator Ted Cruz said there were a lot of grounds to be considered.

Jones tweeted that on his first day with congress is going to file the articles of impeachment against Vice president Kamala Harris and President Joe Biden in accordance with the betrayal of all the public trust.

His father wrote that he will cast his \votes for President Trump so that he can be the speaker and also invite all his colleagues to join him.  Further adding that it’s time to throw out the old playbook. 

As per another presidential succession, if both vice president and president of the house are removed then the speaker would be eligible to become the President of the house. 

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Vernon Jones Says He Is Going to Cast His Vote for Donald Trump!

It was also seen that Jones is not the only one who is interested in bringing the article of impeachment against President Biden. Along with him, Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia and Lauren Boebert of Colorado are also showing their willingness to introduce articles of impeachment. 

Recently on 31st December 2021, Senator Cruz also shared on his show that he thinks there are various grounds to consider before introducing an article of impeachment.

Vernon Jones
Vernon Jones

And from it, the most important is the lawlessness of president Biden and his refusal to enforce the border. Jones is in the election on behalf of Georgia and is planning to succeed the representative of Republican Jody Hice.

Hice is mainly focused on the position of Georgia secretary of state and he is standing against the Republican that is Brad Raffensperger.

Jones announced on Monday that he has planned on pulling out of the race for being Governor of Georgia and had endorsed the previous Senator David Perdue who is in support of President Trump right now.

Perdue is planning on bringing in a lot of challenges for the Republic in which Governor Brian Kemp and  Raffensperger had faced a lot of criticism from Trump regarding their roles in the election in the year 2020.

Both of them have defended the integrity of the entire election in Georgia and had a lot of claims filed against them for fraud of mass voting and a lot of other illegal actions.

Other than that Trump had also endorsed Jones in a video on Rumble posted on Wednesday. He further said that Jones is an American fighter who would never go back in his words and would be a very big help for the establishment of radicalism.

Jones even said in an interview that he was very proud of President Trump and he appreciates his confidence and support as he further follows the steps to represent the people of Georgia.

He also said that America’s first movement is all alive and full in action so the squad must get themselves ready for it. Until any other father update State tuned with us for all such amazing updates about all your latest news and latest shows.

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