Star Trek: Strange New Worlds: Everything We Know So Far About the Newest Series in the Franchise   


Fans of Star Trek should consider themselves fortunate to be enjoying back-to-back climactic episodes and seasons. With the release of Star Trek: Discovery, the Star Trek world has progressed even further.

A revolutionary new Paramount series that introduces viewers to new personalities and locations is scheduled to premiere. Star Trek creators have also filmed two animated series and the return to an old favorite character in a new series. 

Strange New Worlds reunites a few key cast members from Discovery’s second season to examine the USS Enterprise’s exploits before Kirk assumed command. The prequel will feature younger versions of the protagonists as well as new cast members.

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds, a new Paramount+ series, is set to air later this month. Captain Christopher Pike, Kirk’s mentor, is the focus of Strange New Worlds. Fans were ecstatic to learn more about Star Trek after hearing the news of its arrival. They are excited to learn when the forthcoming series will premiere, as well as the cast and plot. So far, here’s all we know about Star Trek: Strange New Worlds.

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Star Trek: Strange New Worlds: Release Date

Creators assured audiences that there would be a prequel to the 1960s franchise and a spin-off to the Discover. Finally, Star Trek: Strange New Worlds has been officially confirmed, thus the wait is over. It might start with the premiere of the first ten episodes. The film’s release date has been disclosed, and it will enter theaters on May 5, 2022.

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds: Release Date
Star Trek: Strange New Worlds: Release Date

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds: Cast

The recent snaps show the entire major cast briefing themselves and their characters. The story will introduce Bruce Horak and Albino Andorian. However, there are fair chances that more new characters would be playing their roles in the upcoming big project. 

The possible cast list goes like

  • Captain Christopher Pike as Anson Mount
  • Number One as Rebecca Romijn
  • Spock as Ethan Peck
  • Dr. M’Benga as Babs Olusanmokun
  • Nurse Christine Chapel as Jess Bush
  • Cadet Nyota Uhura as Celia Rose Gooding
  • La’an Noonien-Singh as Christina Chong
  •  Melissa Navia

Chong is also one of the members, expected to play La’an Noonien-Singh. Although, the character is new but shares a surname with a particular Khan Noonien Singh – the angry one, generating much discussion whether and how she is related to the ruler.

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds: Plot

The creators of the series have shared a few hints but the actual plot of it is still under wraps. Hence, it becomes quite difficult to know what kind of adventure the directors will bring to this. However, there are several indications that the show will return to the franchise’s basics. It is expected that Kirk might become the captain of the enterprise along with Star Trek. 

The scenes in the episode take place ten years before the original concept. The Enterprise’s travelers are the center of attention. We will see Pike, Spock, and Number One on risky journeys and amazing discoveries once more. As a result, fans of the iconic drama can return to the beginnings of history and create a connection between the legendary crew’s contact with the Discovery team and the events shown in the original film.

In a recent interview, the series co-creator revealed that the upcoming Strange New World might be a modernized throwback to the original series. It might be a concentrated version of story-building and character-focused. Developers also hinted that the plot could be more open-ended than previous ones. It might follow the concept of harmonic complexity along with a more liberal style. 

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They revealed that the upcoming project might be a blend of sci-fi action, loads of comedy, and horror episodes. It is being anticipated that Pike’s fate could be disclosed and secrecy might come to an end.        

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds: Trailer

The poster is out though the trailer requires more time. Several images from on-set locations were shared by the cast. Audiences are very excited to see it soon after getting the shoot photos. The trailer is expected to be released a month before Star Trek is released. We may post a link to the trailer once it becomes available. To learn more about Strange New Worlds, stay in touch with us.


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